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  • wonderful
  • What an excellent addon. I used to be a loyal user of the "Flag fox" extension but that no longer works in combination with a Privoxy-enabled browser -- due to something related socks/remote dns issues.

    On the other hand this addon works perfectly and shows me the flags as I browse (after checkmarking the socks box in the settings and adding the batch file). Now I no longer need to disable Privoxy in order to see a flag.
  • BEWARE TAB HOARDERS! This extension fetches EVERY tab in the background on startup. I much prefer the flag icons in this over Flagfox but cannot recommend it with this kind of nonsense.
  • pageAction panel problem.

    "Country Flags & IP WhoisCountry: United StatesHost..."

    It's hard to read.

    Please separate items with space like this:
    "Country Flags & IP Whois Country: United States Host..."
  • Klasse Add-on!
    Alles auf einem Blick, dazu noch Informationen über die Geolocation oder ein Whois per Klick auf das Flaggen-Symbol.
  • love this app
  • Wow wow wow, what's happening from few months with your addon?
    At each start of Firefox this addon is downloading AND uploading an insane amount of datas, making Firefox unusable for 1 or 2 minutes before it finishes its download/upload.

    I just disabled it and for few days now no more download and upload on my internet speedometer when i start FF.

    What were you siphoning from me?
    I Removed your addon, and no more hidden connexion!