١٤٤ reviews
  • thank you
  • Lightweight and functional
  • a good job,but the flag is too small
  • ...and indeed this WE is doing the job.
    Thank you!
  • Great job! Non-intrusive, permissions explained well in the FAQ, stays out of your way, and does what it says on the box. 5+ stars
  • Good Job for this web tool.
  • Unwashed
  • It requires access to almost everything (not sure if something was left), which is a strange demand for an application which displays an icon in the address bar.
  • was a bit worried when version 0.1.5 started to ask for even more permissions - but they are indeed needed for the new (quite neat) features, so no need to panic.

    all in all, it does what it is supposed to do and can now make live even a bit more convenient.
    For someone looking for just the barebone-whois-flag-solution it might be too "bloated".
  • I like this add-on but it wants permission to do just about anything. I don't see how displaying a flag requires:
    accessing my data for all websites
    exchanging messages with programs other than Firefox
    inputting data to the clipboard
    downloading files and reading and modifying the browser's download history
    displaying notifications to me
    accessing browser activity during navigation

    The only reasonable permission to grant an add-on for displaying a flag is:
    access browser tabs

    Until/unless this changes I refuse to use this add-on. Displaying a flag may be nice, but is nowhere near being essential. The license may be free, but that doesn't make the requested permissions any less ridiculous.
  • ...and great support!
  • Works well. I replaced with it Flagfox which stopped to work.
  • Great add-on, nice features and awesome support. thank you! keep it up.
  • Essential, Privacy-wise.
  • It displays info about the server, country & IP, Efficient add-on.
  • Very useful info, Pretty good add-on.
  • gran aplicación
  • Awesome add-on
  • I thinks it's good.
  • It's minimal and light, good if you need to quickly check the location of the server. I replaced flagfox with this.