١٤٤ reviews
  • 本質的です
  • good
  • Very useful.
  • Все отлично.

    All perfectly.
  • I love know we are the servers the site are from.
    Sorry i am not native english speaker.
  • Very informative for today's internet
  • Great add-on.
  • es debe tener
  • Awesome add-on
  • Hey, very nice addon.

    One question though, does it handles all data (Like URL etc) locally Or send them to remote servers?
  • very good and fast
  • 日本国旗就是一个红色的小点
  • 默认的国旗图标太小了,都看不清楚,希望把图标弄大点
  • Very good addon. Being able to see the origin of a server and being able to look up the IP address is great added functionality to the Firefox Browser.
  • Simple, lightweight, discreet and with useful links in the context menu.
  • Does the job, Better than flagfox
  • Useful
  • Really great! Just 2 things: traceroute shows API error; ability of rearrange services would be nice.
  • It would be great if this extension had a 0-10 Website Popularity Rating like the extension by myip.ms.