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  • love this app
  • Wow wow wow, what's happening from few months with your addon?
    At each start of Firefox this addon is downloading AND uploading an insane amount of datas, making Firefox unusable for 1 or 2 minutes before it finishes its download/upload.

    I just disabled it and for few days now no more download and upload on my internet speedometer when i start FF.

    What were you siphoning from me?
    I Removed your addon, and no more hidden connexion!
  • 好好好!!
  • nice to know !
  • I like the fact that this add-on is open-source.
  • Berharap bermanfaat super cepat dan video flash nya pun bermanfaat!
  • good
  • Es insustituible. de otra manera los requisitos para obtener lo mismo son muchisimo mas tediosos y complicados
  • good to have as a tell all!
  • Spy.
  • Mostly accurate though its mysterious how some major companies are able to hide altogether but show random flags?
  • Display "Server IP:" when accessed via local proxy. Similar extensions on Chromium are worked ok.

    7/31/2018 Edit:
    Country -> Country/Location or Region, please :)
  • It just works.
  • Fantastic add-on for enabling users to see the location of the server for the webpage, and the who is information available is great. Thanks for a handy add-on
  • What in the actual fuckity fuck is going on with that turdy add-on ? What's with the permissions ?
    What's with the shitty website add0n.com ? I'm going to report that shaddy thing that's probably siphoning your data to hell.