١٤٧ reviews
  • 好好好!!
  • nice to know !
  • I like the fact that this add-on is open-source.
  • Berharap bermanfaat super cepat dan video flash nya pun bermanfaat!
  • good
  • Es insustituible. de otra manera los requisitos para obtener lo mismo son muchisimo mas tediosos y complicados
  • good to have as a tell all!
  • Spy.
  • Mostly accurate though its mysterious how some major companies are able to hide altogether but show random flags?
  • Display "Server IP:" when accessed via local proxy. Similar extensions on Chromium are worked ok.

    7/31/2018 Edit:
    Country -> Country/Location or Region, please :)
  • It just works.
  • Fantastic add-on for enabling users to see the location of the server for the webpage, and the who is information available is great. Thanks for a handy add-on
  • What in the actual fuckity fuck is going on with that turdy add-on ? What's with the permissions ?
    What's with the shitty website add0n.com ? I'm going to report that shaddy thing that's probably siphoning your data to hell.
  • Amazing app very useful and works so well.