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  • Excellent. It's becoming better and more sophisticated every new version. Thank you.

    I just have a minor suggestion: when behind a private VPN, Country Flags & IP Whois can't show any flag (I'm using the native DNS resolver). Instead, shows an ugly icon with the private IP 192. My suggestion, in those cases when it's not possible to show a flag, is replacing it with the extension icon, because it's much prettier.

    Just a minor suggestion, as you see. The extension is great.
  • cool and useful!
  • O melhor!
  • good
  • good info
  • Works only after the 2th page loading. A lot of duplicate data in the title. Unnecessary automatic link to the home page after installation.
  • Sorry - was OK whilst Flagfox wasn't around, but Flagfox just came back so uninstalling.
  • The big downside is that it doesn't work when the page didn't load (connection timeout). For example when reddit is blocked in my country. A big downgrade from Flagfox. What was possible with Flagfox in 2 clicks, Is impossible with this addon. Even though the function exist, it isn't available when you actually need it.
  • 「URL バー」内の右サイドに、
    アイコン上をマウスホバーすれば、ツールチップに「Whois および Geo 情報」が表示されます。
  • Bin sehr zufrieden mit diesen Addon!