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  • I have trouble signing in. This is a Kafkaesque esperience.
  • The short key (cmd+period) is not working on macOS
  • Attractive and well designed. Easy to use and feels stable.

    Would be 5 stars but it doesn't link with the desktop app in Windows like the old extension. If you use 1Password just for the web, this is the way to go.
    Thanks for the honest review! Integration between 1Password X and the 1Password desktop apps is something we’d love to offer. We’re currently testing it out in the 1Password X and 1Password for Mac betas, and I’d expect us to move over to Windows once that’s perfected. :)
  • Sometimes it cannot load all my vaults, but after reinstalling, it will recover. So I have to reinstall it periodically.
    That shouldn’t be happening. Next time it does, could you please reach out to support+x@1password.com? I’d like to take a closer look because it seems like there’s a deeper issue.
  • I can't use this plugin normally, it will prompt TypeError: uY is null. So I gave him a star rating.
    Hi there. Please do shoot us an email at support+x@1password.com so we can get to the bottom of it. We’ll likely ask for some logs to help us diagnose where the issue is coming from. Thanks!
  • Dilipkumar engineer expirence hard network
    Thanks for the five star review!
  • Die nervigste Extension die ich jemals für Firefox gesehen habe. Das Master Passwort muss nach jedem Schließen des Fensters neu eingegeben werdnen
    Hi there – 1Password X is a full-featured application baked into an extension. That means that when you fully quit the browser, you’re also quitting 1Password X. If you find yourself quitting the browser often, we also offer a desktop-dependent 1Password extension which you can find on our downloads page.
  • I really like 1Password as a service, but this addon is severly lacking. The overall functionality is there, but several small hiccups make it rather cumbersome to use.

    1) It displays a little icon in form fields that you can press to access its functionality. When 1Password is locked (after inactivity) clicking this icon does not in fact open 1password, but displays the message "use ctrl+period to open password". Why would I click the icon if opening 1password wasn't already what I wanted?! Maybe this is a security feature, I don't know? But then make the icon reflect whether 1pw is currently locked or not, so I don't waste time clicking this icon when most of the time doing so achieves absolutely nothing.

    2) The 1pw dropdown interferes with firefox' native dropdown in annoying ways. After about one year of usage I still haven't figured out what makes the 1pw dropdown appear and what not.

    3) Sometimes when the 1pw dropdown opens up, it makes the whole page jump/move vertically. What's that about?
    There are other glitches like this depending on how sites are programmed. Sometimes it's 1pw filling in the fields that makes the whole page jump too.

    4) As others have said: It would make a lot more sense if a new password could be saved AFTER the sign up process on a site.

    5) There is no way to customize the password generator as there is for exampe in the Android app. If the suggested password doesn't meet the site's criteria you're out of luck using the generator.
    Thank you for sharing! I’m happy to address the issues you mentioned.

    1. I appreciate this feedback. The Ctrl+Period shortcut does open the 1Password X pop-up, but I agree that it’d be nice to have the ability to unlock 1Password X directly from the inline menu.

    2. It sounds like you’re wanting to use Firefox’s autofill feature as well as 1Password. They can interfere, but we do have a way to disable the 1Password X inline menu if you’d prefer. To do so, turn off the “offer to fill and save passwords” option on the 1Password X settings page.

    3. I haven’t heard of any reports of this, so I’d love to know when/where that happens. Do you experience it only on a certain website or does it happen on all sites? Please let us know at support+x@1password.com.

    4. This request is on our radar, although determining whether a user has successfully signed into a site has given us some trouble in the past. In the end, we took the most reliable approach to save a Login before moving on to the next page. Not only that, but we need to capture the credentials on the page before moving onto the next, and if we don’t offer to save until moving onto the next page, those credentials need to be stored somewhere. I wouldn’t agree that’s the most secure option, but it’s something we’ll keep in mind as we build future versions of 1Password.

    5. We do offer a full-featured password generator within the 1Password X pop-up. To get there, you’ll want to click the + button then click Password Generator. Here’s a video that shows how to access it: https://s3.amazonaws.com/com-agilebits-users/kaitlyn/password_generator.mp4

    These are fantastic pieces of feedback, so I’m really glad you shared them. If there’s anything else we can help you with, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email.
  • It works fine for what it does, although usability with Firefox is not as good as it is in Chrome. But the one thing that really grinds my gears. I use 1Password for work passwords. I only want to sign in to 1Password on my work machine. I share the same Firefox account on all my machines. I DO NOT WANT 1Password popping up a new tab asking me to login EVERY TIME I OPEN MY BROWSER. It's like when you're reading an article and you get two lines in and suddenly a popup appears asking you to subscribe to their newsletter. It is super annoying.
    Do you happen to sync your extensions in your Firefox account? That would be my first guess. I’m curious how usability differs between Chrome and Firefox. They should be using the same codebase, so I wonder what you like more about 1Password X in Chrome. If you’d like to share your opinions with us, please do – support+x@1password.com