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  • Since installing this add-on and the latest version of 1password I am frequently unable to do simple things like save a new item, without opening the 1Password app and/or the website. The experience needs simplification. Still not sure why there are two extensions (1PX and 1P).
  • 1Password is the best software of it's kind; perhaps it should be considered life-essential. But excluding 1Password 6 customers from being able to use the new extensions is a true disappointment. Heavily investing in the Family iOS and desktop versions in 2013, it's understandable that ongoing development cannot be funded exclusively by new customers, but eliminating the previous extension version without giving users the opportunity to pay for it... again a disappointment. It is likely I'll upgrade to 7, but the change to having my data reside on their servers is of concern - having been president of a technology company I will share that (in general) having the data stored (even in an encrypted format) does hold much higher risk than encryption options used with 6 and earlier. The only online storage we've identified as the safest is pCloud (I'm not a former employee). I'll be checking out specs shortly.
  • If you have once made an attempt to register with 1password which failed, it is very difficult to register again.
  • When can touch id be able on mac in firefox?
  • This extension is extremely slow and laggy. I need to wait for 1-2 seconds between password selection and password insertion. This happens on every site.
  • Keep getting popups to load this program when it is already loaded.
  • I have trouble signing in. This is a Kafkaesque esperience.