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  • Absolutely the easiest, safest way to manage and use logins, credit cards, and important personal data.
    😊We’re so happy to be a part of securing your important data!
  • Since I -have to- use this add-on in the account-integrated version I am not happy with 1password anymore. The integration is far from smooth. Every time I have te enter my masterkeyword in the pop-up window is flips away, and when I have to edit an entry I have to login on my account. This is A BIG LOSS of functionality, guys!
    (I even use Safari (that works with the old smooth version) to avoid this annoying workaround in Firefox)
    I’m so sorry to hear about this. That behavior is definitely not intended and we’d love to look into it and help you get 1Password X running smoothly in Firefox. Can you please send us an email with as many details as you can at support+x@1password.com so we can get to do some investigating? Thank you!
  • Best method to protect passwords without relying on repeating the same password from site to site. So many of us have done this by nature. Having unique and strong password keys to sites is an effective tool.
    I couldn’t agree more! Thank you for using 1Password and for sharing these kind words! ❤️
  • I love 1password, but I've had many issues with this add-on. I use Firefox Developer Edition and I frequently find that this add-on will crash, or cause the entire browser to hang.
    Thank you so much for reporting this. We ❤️ beta testers! I’m not a Firefox Developer Edition daily user, but I do test 1Password X on it. Does this happen on any site(s) in particular? We’d love to troubleshoot this with you. If you’re up for it, can you please send us an email with steps to reproduce the issue at support+x@1password.com so we can get to the bottom of this? Thank you!
  • Rápido e muito simples de usar!
    Obrigado! Estamos felizes que você pense assim! :)
  • Works fine, but it was much better when touchId on the mac unlocked it. Why was this a regression?
    I’m glad you mentioned this! It sounds like you’re referring to the original 1Password extension. That extension is directly connected to and dependent upon the desktop app and that’s why unlocking the app with Touch ID also unlocks the extension in Firefox. 1Password X is an independent app that lives in your browser. Because of this we’re able to bring you new features like improved saving and filling logic and an inline menu providing your Logins to you within the fields you’re filling. As for Touch ID support - We have released a feature capable of this in the 1Password X beta build for Chrome on macOS and are working hard to bring it to Firefox as well. You can learn more about Desktop App Integration here: [1Password Discussion Forum : Desktop App Integration]https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/101231/introducing-desktop-app-integration-for-mac)
  • I really prefer the old extension since it allowed me to unlock with mac touchId, and also had the system dark theme applied.
    Thank you for sharing your feedback! It really means a lot to us. Just a couple months ago we released a new feature on macOS to be tested in the 1Password X beta for Chrome; It’s called Desktop App Integration. Desktop App Integration allows 1Password X to connect with the 1Password desktop app, leveraging it for its locking and unlocking capabilities, item editing features and more. This means while using Desktop App Integration, you can use Touch ID to unlock your 1Password desktop app and 1Password X will unlock alongside it. The team is working hard to tune Desktop App Integration up for use in Firefox, Windows, and the stable 1Password X builds. If this is something you’re interested in learning more about it, the following 1Password Forum post by our very own Mitchs explains how it works - [1Password Discussion Forum : Desktop App Integration]https://discussions.agilebits.com/discussion/101231/introducing-desktop-app-integration-for-mac)

    As for dark mode - I couldn’t agree more and you’re not the first to ask for dark mode. I’ve added this review as a +1 to the open report for dark mode in 1Password X. :)
  • Works perfectly on Linux. I've been waiting for it for years!
    ❤️We’re so happy to help you secure your important data on your favorite platform.
  • Supports touch ID if you have also installed the desktop client of 1Password.
    We’re happy to hear you’re enjoying using Desktop App Integration! :)