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  • works
    works with the Firefox Container
    simple GUI
    can recommend it to everyone
  • GUI of this app has a potential to improve. I mean, current state can't be considered as satisfactory. I even gave 1 star to this extension at first :) It easy to mess with it's configuration and be forced to login again to whitelisted sites.
    But eventually i stayed with this extension, cause it's the only one i found to be functional on mobile devices. So it's OK, compared to others.
  • Works but what I would like some option to automatically add all cookies to the whitelist since i don't want to go to all sites and whitelist them.
  • Marvelous!
  • Please add a blacklist feature where it just deletes chosen sites
  • Super add on. Amazing how many cookies are created and can be deleted without breaking websites.
  • I love this addon. Very good job ;)