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  • Alles super
  • Together with NoScript and uBlock Origin the MUST HAVE add-ons for Firefox.
    It is OUT-STAN-DING!
  • Very pleased with this.

    Not a perfect solution but I keep my FB and Google sign-ons compartmentalized from EVERYTHING else which means there are relatively few sites that need to have cookies set.

    Scrub them all. I don't need to be tracked.
  • Cookie Auto Delete is great at auto deleting your cookies but on the down side, when your cookies get deleted I found that if you are using a google service and your cookies get deleted it automatically signs you out. So that is why I'm giving 2 stars.
  • I tried to add aliexpress to white or gray list. Extension deleted all cookies from all sites except aliexpress! I need to auto clean cookies only from one site.
  • Doesn't work, clicking on icon just shows a tiny empty popup but clicking on anything does nothing and the optiopns page is blank, absolutely useless.
  • A good idea botched by the fact that it doesn't work properly - indexeddb from several sites is not being deleted, only regular cookies are.

    In fact, if you enable the IndexedDB option in settings, it will do much worse than that - cookies will pop up from every site visited, effectively doing the opposite of what it's supposed to do. Beware, users!