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  • Great tool - simply does what it should!
  • Easy to use, and an very easy way to get control of your cookies and understand which ones you really need.
  • This is what i want since years - everywhere. Easy to use, works fine... THANK YOU!
  • I like this extension, but it keeps losing its settings every once in while, forcing me to recreate all my rules.
  • Before I installed this I had no idea how many cookies I had on my browser! Since installation 2 days ago it has deleted at least 150 cookies. It has all the basic things you need in its interface and is able to be very discrete.
  • This cookie remover is the best for me. I can pick cookies to save from some sites because I don't simmply want to
    remove all cookies all the time with the "Graylist"
  • I've being using this for a couple of years, despite all the mislead info on the reviews, if you want straight forward cookie removal this 1 is fine, but, I have to admit it took me sometime to finally get used to domain cookie removal, but, not a more fine granular cookie removal without headaches ...
    Anyway, thank you Kenny for this add-on, keep up with the good work, Lampadinha
  • powerful when used in conjunction with multi-container tabs.
  • I really like the thought of cookie clean-up. After all, stale, old cookies could attract... insects. ( =