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  • This was my go to extenstion for clearing cookies after closing a tab. A recent update has rendered this extension useless. It barely clears any cookies anymore.

    Real shame
  • After every reinstallation of FF this addon alongside adblock are no brainers. It deletes annoying and useless (on the contrary they are tracking cookies often, or some other nonsense that wastes storage and resources) cookies and also lets you manage them indirectly through black-grey-white lists. Thanks to the devs, keep up the good work!
  • Crap.
    I'd like to see all cookies, but this addon shows only domain (doesn't show cookies) of one site which i'm watching. This addon would be much better if it showed all cookies (not only domains) of all visited sites after last clearing.
  • usuwa to co niepotrzebne
  • This deserves 4.5 stars, because it really "does what it says on the tin" to use a British expression.

    That said, there are two areas that could be improved:
    • Import/Export. The docs make it seem easy, but after you do export you find that each entry has a unique ID. How an import handles a collision of example.com whitelist with an existing entry of example.com greylist is "left as an exercise for the reader" as you can find in a textbook after a puzzling new idea is presented.
    • Better granularity with subdomains, etc.

    The dev does work on this project, so these overly wordy concerns may well be resolved - perhaps soon.
  • This is utterly, but just utterly, fantasmagorically brilliant. May not be hard to implement (everythings hard) but someone has done it, and done it brilliantly. Just love it when "150 cookies deleted..." comes up on the message tag!
  • It Seems To Work Just As Described! I've Been Using CookieAutoDelete A Few Months Now...It's Very User Friendly...U Can Set It & 4get It, As Well As Enable Some Key Features.