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  • Does about everything I need a password manager to do and more, plus it has extra security features like 2-factor authentication. Have been using it without problems for the past few years. Highly recommend.
  • Can't login
  • With last update stopped working with firefox. Login simply not working. Please fix this asap.
  • software issue problem caused recovery to be "locked out". Is there no other recovery method?
  • Recent updates have really slowed down Firefox. After disabling it, Firefox has returned to its normal performance.
  • Been using LastPass Premium for over 5 years, and the latest improvements have eased the automatic recognition of web sites for autofill. I also maintain a manual backup to keep in a safe location. The fact that I am able to securely share accounts with other LastPass users (family members, in this case) has eased the need to create common-use accounts, rather than having to manually maintain the account profiles and syncing any specifics (like Bill Pay accounts). I really have not had any significant issues with Lastpass which I could not resolve, and Lastpass Technical Support has been good. Support for multiple 2FA solutions have been excellent.
  • Seems to be very good. I am still finding my way round LastPass
  • Excellent..