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  • Last update broke it.
  • 没有中文,超级差评

    No Chinese, super bad comment
  • La extensión ha vuelto a funcionar y trabaja correctamente.
    Mozilla 71.0
    Sistema operativo: Fedora 31
  • Doesn't work on Firefox 71 on Fedora.
    After logging in, nothing shows up. It shows I'm still signed out.
    Uninstalled and reinstalled, but still not working.
  • GNU/Linux, Firefox 71, Addon broken: login after grant permissions get stuck.
  • I'm going slowly as it is not intuitive for me.
  • This extension constantly breaks. It's especially buggy after Firefox updates, but there seems to be no real rhyme or reason. Sometimes restarting Firefox fixes it. Sometimes I have to delete and reinstall the extension. I've done the latter several times.

    Brokenness can include not adding new passwords (great, so I generate a non-human-readable password and then the extension says it won't save it...) or the dropdown showing up as a completely blank white box.

    Frequently, even the vault will break on Firefox so I have to switch browsers to access/save my passwords and to get access. LastPass doesn't play nicely with Firefox and I really wish it would. When it works, it's great. But it it's about 60/40 chances that it does.
  • The extension works well if you want to just copy passwords onto websites. If you want to edit, delete or otherwise manage your passwords or accounts, its a rougher ride. Edits/deletes will randomly fail to save, usually after a firefox update. I'm unable to modify account settings from the vault. I consistently get an error stating "Your session has expired". There are a variety of UI sizing bugs that tend to crop up and then disappear.

    I'm disappointed at the lack of polish creeping in over time, LastPass should put some focus back into making this feel like a reliable, top tier password manager.
  • avec firefox 71 il faut se connecter par le site web lastpass.com
    la connexion par l’icône ne fonctionne plus
  • Did not work any longer after update to Firefox 71 on Linux
  • not working on latest Firefox
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