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  • The extension does not work in incognito mode and the latest update does not work in any mode. Support? Forget! Look at the posts and complaints. No answer. I will go back to KeepassXC (Excellent, simple and safe). LastPass? Never more!
  • On Firefox, the passwords are not able to update, maybe the uBlock plugin is interrupting?
  • Passwords have become the most exhausting experience of internet use. I hope this solves my frustration one and for all.
  • Ik ben altijd opgelucht door deze app, ik kan snel een vergeten wachtwoord weer vinden, het is volgens mij ook veilig
  • The best Extension I used.
  • Once in a while it doesn't work properly with firefox.
  • отличное приложение!
  • Many times, it cannot save new vault. From both auto-recognized popup and moz-extension page. Chrome extension works great but FireFox one does not.
  • It "works", but it slows your computer everytime there is a form. If you are a developer that has to test a lot of users and passwords for a single form, it can be slow as hell.

    The score would improve a lot if they would allow you to define sites where it should not be enable for. Like how the adblocks addon works.