Para utilizar estes extras, precisará de
transferir o Firefox

As extensões são como aplicações para o Firefox.

Estes adicionam funcionalidades ao Firefox para tornar a navegação mais rápida, segura ou simplesmente divertida.

Extensões recomendadas
  • Search by Image

    Search by Image

    A powerful reverse image search tool, with support for various search engines, such as Google, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and TinEye.

    271 442 utilizadores

  • LeechBlock NG

    LeechBlock NG

    LeechBlock NG is a simple productivity tool designed to block those time-wasting sites that can suck the life out of your working day. All you need to do is specify which sites to block and when to block them.

    69 877 utilizadores

  • Web Archives

    Web Archives

    View archived and cached versions of web pages on 10+ search engines, such as the Wayback Machine, Archive․is, Google, Bing and Yandex

    50 261 utilizadores

  • Google Search Fixer

    Google Search Fixer

    Override the user-agent string presented to Google Search pages to receive the search experience shown to Chrome.

    112 478 utilizadores

  • Privacy Badger

    Privacy Badger

    Automatically learns to block invisible trackers.

    1 137 342 utilizadores

  • NoScript Security Suite

    NoScript Security Suite

    The best security you can get in a web browser! Allow potentially malicious web content to run only from sites you trust. Protect yourself against XSS other web security exploits.

    311 904 utilizadores

  • uBlock Origin

    uBlock Origin

    Finalmente, um bloqueador eficiente. Leve na CPU e memória.

    6 722 889 utilizadores

  • YouTube High Definition

    YouTube High Definition

    YouTube High Definition is a powerful tool that automatically plays all YouTube videos in HD, changes video player size, offers auto-stop and mute, and much more.

    155 218 utilizadores

  • AdNauseam


    Blocking ads and fighting back against advertising surveillance.

    66 960 utilizadores

  • Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

    Ghostery – Privacy Ad Blocker

    Ghostery is a powerful privacy extension. Block ads, stop trackers and speed up websites.

    1 113 079 utilizadores