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  • LastPass has been my password manager for at least 5+years. I love the way I can categorize my accounts, check for PW, and get customer support.
  • Not working at all with Firefox 71 - would someone at Mozilla please FIX THIS! More than a major inconvenience - just really disgusting that there is no fix and this password manager that I'm so dependent on is not working at all.
  • Stop working since firefox 71 upgrade.
    Get stuck on login screen.
  • Poorly maintained extension. LastPass is dead, time to move to other password manager. This extension randomly crashes Firefox completely, all pages get stuck loading and the browser doesn't respond. AVOID.
  • Not working on linux with ff71. reverting to ff69 fixed it.
  • Love using lastpass, but it is currently broken on firefox 71 on linux
  • Not working on linux with ff71
  • Stopped working after upgrade to Firefox 71 on Linux
  • Worked great and has a lot of features. However I found it very clunky (especially on mobile) and more trouble then it was worth. Lock wise, (Firefox's built-in password manager) is way more user friendly while offering the same password encryption.