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  • LastPass is by far the best password manager. It's free, fast, and super secure, and their support is always ready to help and I can't say enough good things about them. Good job LastPass! :^)
  • Why delete Chinese? We need Chinese
  • 我们需要中文
    We need Chinese
    Nous avons besoin de chinois
    Wir brauchen chinesisch
    Necesitamos chino
    potrzebujemy chin
    Precisamos de chinês
    Нам нужно китайский
    Χρειαζόμαστε κινέζικα
  • Clicking on a saved link in the Lastpass extension does not open the link.
  • super, makes my life so much easier!
  • Why does FIREFOX keep on disabling LASTPASS Password Manager every so often. It doesn't make sense unless they are doing it so people switch to another password manager. Getting tired of FIREFOX
  • Version is broken. Unable to authenticate. Click extension button to auth, provide password, and nothing. No errors. Extension inactive. Able to log in fine by visiting the website.
  • Отлично!
  • From family social security numbers, to 500+ different complicated passwords, My life is better with LastPass
  • There is no search by notes in vault :(
  • Would have been 3 stars if anywhere in the plug-in description was mentioned it doesn't work on Firefox for Android. Because devs kept quiet about that, I give 2 stars. I don't like having separate app for my passwords too. Everything has a separate app today and I have tons of apps now and I don't like it.