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  • I've used this extension for years. It has some quirks and can get in the way when you don't want to auto fill a field, but those problems are small compared to the value you get.
  • I have used this addon by years and saw no problem. Two factor auth. works perfectly.
    Yıllardır kullanırım, hiç bir sorununu görmedim. İki aşamalı doğrulaması ise takdire şayan çalışıyor.
  • I actually really love LastPass and I would LOVE to have it as an add on on my browser but I've added it a dozen times over the last few months and it keeps disappearing and being disabled. Today I added it four times only to have it IMMEDIATELY disappear. It would be really nice if I could actually use your service.
  • When it works, it works great. But with every update from Firefox, the extension breaks. Very aggravating!