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  • Firefox switches to new tabs, no matter how the options are set. Even going into config and making all tabs open in the background won't stop it. And it doesn't look like this is getting fixed until the WebExtension version.
  • Version including major fixes & unavailable for other firefox based browsers like pale moon because webextensions aren't supported.. Perfect.
  • I wanted to report this to the Issue Tracker, but when I try to access your website I receive a "Secure Connection Failed" error. I have tried with multiple browsers on multiple PCs.

    I am running Firefox Developer version 52.0a2. I am also using Tree Style Tab by Piro version 0.8. When I select links, it no longer opens them under the parent tab, but at the end of my long list of tabs. It previously worked properly with Tree Style Tab but has recently had this issue.

    I need Firefox Dev and Tree Style Tab for work so not using those tools isn't an option. I rated this highly because Snap Links has been very helpful to me in the past. I would love to be able to use it again, and would happily donate $10 if this is resolved.

    Thank you!!
  • will no longer work from Tuesday on
  • Any tool becomes useful when we are instructed how to use it.

    Of course we don't expect a long documentation for a tiny piece of code like this. But to provide the basic information is mandatory.

    It's great to tell the users that "With Snap Links Plus you can open multiple links in to new tabs by drawing a selection rectangle. Etc. Etc." But it's indecent not to tell them HOW !!!
    HOW TO DRAW THE SELECTION??? It doesn't work by simple drag and drop, nor by Ctrl+drag and drop or any other modifier + drag and drop. And even if it would work, it isn't tell where we would find the promised multitude of options: in the context menu? in a context menu automatically opened?

    It is said that a picture is worth a thousand words. Wrong!!! In this matter ten words are worth a thousand pictures. The two demonstrative pictures the developer added don't demonstrate anything.

    it is a cheap excuse to tell that this add-on "is free and open-source". Trying unsuccessfully to use it did cost me a lot of time and frustration. And it is impolite to tell the users "Please report any issues or feature requests to our Issue Tracker." in other words: I don't care what are you saying here. The Issue Tracker is for technical issues. And it's even not an issue with the program, but with the documentation.
    When you first install the add-on, a welcome page comes up with more than minimal documention, that welcome page is on the front page of the website, but here is a direct link as well:
  • It is so wonderful to open a lot of links with one simple gesture. When it stops working, that's only for a short period, because the developer takes action quickly.
    Snap Links Plus is a tower of strength.
  • great for getting youtube search results links. easy. just what I needed.
  • Had to revert back to Version 2.4. The new updates have made this addon 100% useless as well as effected other addons. LINK to revert: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/snaplinksplus/versions/
  • Although the problem with selecting links vertically was fixed (before it was going haywire and you couldn't choose properly), now there's no options so you can't customize it, and the fact that we are switched to the first open tab is especially annoying when you want to make various different selections on one page.
  • I used the older version of Snap Links Plus and it had an options button to allow me to change behaviors like whether I switched to the newly opened tab. I no longer have that option and the latest version of this addon is switching me to the newly opened tab. I don't want that. My FF is set to not switch to newly opened tabs, so where is this addon getting that setting and how do I disable it?

    Just to note, the following two settings in about:config are set to false:


  • I've used this a lot over the years, I thought at one time that it should be added to the core build of Firefox. This latest version has completely destroyed what it was.

    What's wrong in an overview:

    - Completely removed the context menu on release so you can't decide what to do anymore or cancel an accidental selection/release
    - All the options that came with the context menu are gone removing 99% of the functionality
    - Unable to shape the box properly, one direction stays static and acts like a move function while the other resizes so you can never shrink a box

    Badly done devs. Badly done. Now I have to figure out how to revert....
  • Going from 2.4.x to 3.x made it stop working. Go back to 2.4 till they have it fixed. I get no link on any site. 3.0 is Beta and should not be pushed.
    Are you using If you're having trouble with it working, please create a ticket on github.
  • Eigentlich ein super AddOn, aber seit FF50 öffnen sich die Links alle sofort im Vordergrund und es gibt keine Möglichkeit das abzustellen.
  • A (for me) very important feature is missing. In the original Snap Links, it was possible to draw a rectangle anywhere, even on a figure without mapped links. This was a great side-feature, as one could e.g. estimate coordinates of points on graphs, check the horizontal alignment of points, etc. It would be great if this behavior would be brought back.
    I know the current v3.0.x that's released is a minimal rewrite but what you're describing should work. The only cases where this shouldn't work is when the click begins on a flash object or an iframe. Could you, by chance, open up a bug report on this with a video of what you're describing?
  • Lastest version is much improved and works great on Quantum (Firefox 57). When missing bells and whistles such as changing button assignment is added this will rate a 5.
  • I messed around trying different keyboard modifiers combinations and looking for basic instructions before finding out that you need to drag with the right mouse button - which isn't identified ANYWHERE. it just opens all links within in a new tab. So, not very convenient if what you want to do is mass download a bunch of files. I'll use Opera instead.
  • Before update I used this addon with mht files Excel (Save as mht and then open in Firefox). It's not working now! Please check and fix it! Realy need it!
  • if I could keep only five extensions, this would be in the list.
  • Great Addon. But not working in FF49.
  • Очень полезное и простое дополнение.
  • great addon but some comment deleted here
  • with FF49, Snap Links Plus lost settings, and many bugs appeared. The workaround is to rollback to previous version, and wait for a solid update.
  • using firefox 49 it has become awful:
    first of all it opens links clicked at the end, not next to current tab, as before and tab selection has become larger, marking irrelevant areas,
    I guess it's time for an update

    edit: well, ok, but the new version sucks big time, while the old one worked like a charm, so I rolled back too, I don't care about electrolysis either, I'll disable it if I get a chance
    My apologies, the version that is now 'current' is a rewrite from scratch and was a first shot at it, the next release will have many more features and issues fixed. Coming soon.
  • It even works on Firefox 48.0 (the "uncompatible" sign isn't true, fix it pls)
  • unfortunately there is no ability to copy as a plain text
    eg. if i set action: Copy Links to Clipboard and select links on this page
    Clint Priest, Tommi Rautava and then paste them to excel or word instead url i get Clint Priest, Tommi Rautava.

    i suggest add some hotkey or options to copy links as plain text so result after paste to excel would be plain text