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  • Simple and easy and does what it says it is doing.
    I love it will see if i can donate some money for the work done.
    I stopped trying to report sites because they now are forced by our EU laws todo so.
  • Please stop opening web links after installing addons. It's incredibly annoying when you frequently switch between PCs.
    Why do you reinstall it every time, Dunestorm?
  • Het doet wat je er van mag verwachten.
  • Grazie di esistere!
  • Seems that it will not work in the new version of Firefox :-(. But necessary for me, because the terror of nonsensical cookie warning is unbearable. Seems to be a bug in Firefox or result of the terrible Updates of Firefox :-(. Maybe Chrome?
    Firefox has some problems with certificates which might prevent extensions from being installed (at least on Android).

    Announced here: https://discourse.mozilla.org/c/add-ons
    Explained here: https://blog.mozilla.org/addons/2019/05/04/update-regarding-add-ons-in-firefox/
    News about the issue: https://twitter.com/mozamo

    Temporary solution:
    1. go to about:config (enter in address bar of firefox), search for: "xpinstall.signatures.required", set it to "false", restart Firefox. Now you can install extensions again. Make sure to enable signatures again when the problem is fixed.
  • Funktioniert sehr gut bei mir!
  • Pale Moon 28.4.1 x64

    As soon as the addon was updated to 2.9.9, the browser behaved like a crawl.
    Slow. Sluggish. Choppy.
    One core full load, so 25% CPU usage all the time.

    As soon as I downgraded back to 2.9.8 - issue gone immediately.

    And I use this source, because Pale Moon does not support WebExtensions:

    See also here: