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  • Work's fine
  • Happy with the add-on but surprisingly, when enabled, YouTube captions don't show (even if I whitelist it). So I cannot use this addon, please fix it :)

    Edit: It's some sort of YouTube bug (not the addon's) because now I've managed to make it work enabling/disabling captions under the video.
    I can't reproduce the problem. Can you please recheck and send me more info by email? I'd be happy to check.
  • Super, das habe ich gesucht. Dafür spende ich gerne etwas.
  • I just started my Firefox profile from scratch and didn't even think about the fact that I'd have to re-click hundreds of these "This Website Uses Cookies" messages. Installed this after the first 20 or so when I realized it was going to get annoying fast. Voila, no more cookie messages. Fantastic. 5 Stars.
  • Ever since the extra privacy laws on cookies in Europe got activated I cannot do without this addon to remove the constant legal annoyance at each and every darn site I visit.
    Thanks for this simple solution.
  • Très bien pour contrecarrer les ennuis visuels liés à des lois complètement inutiles, faites par des guignols sous la pression d'autres guignols ! (ils devraient plutôt mettre un autocollant sur les box pour te prévenir, comme sur les bouteilles d'alcool... haha! "Attention internet peut contenir des cookies"). Quels branques ces politiques.
    Merci en tous cas.
  • Awesome!