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YouTube Anywhere Player Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

Watch videos anywhere in cinema mode without leaving the website you're on.

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Google™ Translator Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

Google™ Translator is a handy multi-language translator built on top of Google Translate. It gives you Google Translate UI feel right on your Firefox toolbar.

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FB Phishing Protector Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

Protects you from Phishing or Scams (through XSS injection attacks) while you're on Facebook™ - Version 4.2 introduces a Tracking Protection feature as well.

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Google Translator for Firefox Kiemelt

Ezzel a kiegészítővel bármilyen szöveget le tudsz fordítani egy kattintással vagy egy gyorsbillentyűvel. Lefordíthatsz egy kijelölt szöveget, ekkor a fordítás az eredeti szöveg helyén fog megjelenni, vagy lefordíthatod az egész oldalt is.

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Google search link fix Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

This extension prevents Google and Yandex search pages from modifying search result links when you click them. This is useful when copying links but it also helps privacy by preventing the search engines from recording your clicks.

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NoScript Security Suite Kiemelt

The best security you can get in a web browser!
Allow active content to run only from sites you trust, and protect yourself against XSS and Clickjacking attacks.

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Private Tab Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

Adds private tabs.

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Download Plan Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

An addon to download files at specific time interval

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Google Privacy Kiemelt

Make some popular websites respect your privacy settings.
Please see the known issues below!

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Download YouTube Videos as MP4 Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

An extension that adds direct links to download YouTube videos as MP4 and FLV. It has a simple interface and it downloads videos directly from YouTube. The extension integrates with YouTube's interface and adds a download button below the player.

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Webmail Ad Blocker Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

Expand your email area by blocking and removing ads on the right hand side of the screen when using Gmail, Hotmail, and Yahoo Mail.

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Beyond Australis Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

Australis was the code name for the current Firefox theme, it aimed to make a great browser look awesome. Now you can go one step further and also make it feel awesome to use!

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YouTube No Buffer (Stop Autoplaying) Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

A bulletproof approach to prevent YouTube from buffering videos

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Capture & Print Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

This add-on lets you print a webpage's area easily.

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Bluhell Firewall Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

Get a faster browsing experience by blocking nasty web resources using Bluhell Firewall, the lightweight Ad-Blocker and Tracking/Privacy Protector.

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Free Memory Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

An add-on to perform free-memory operations without visiting about:memory.
For Firefox 40+, try Free Memory 2.0

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Tab notifier Kiemelt

Enables desktop notifications like in Chrome (e.g. Gmail, and, if the site doesn't support them, it can notify new messages or updates detecting changes of the title (e.g. Hotmail, Yahoo, Facebook, Twitter). Even if the browser is minimized!

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Privacy Settings Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

Alter Firefox's built-in privacy settings easily with a toolbar panel.

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Smart HTTPS Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

Automatically changes HTTP addresses to the secure HTTPS, and if loading encounters error, reverts it back to HTTP.

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Theme Font & Size Changer Nincs újraindítás Kiemelt

Theme Font & Size Changer lets you change the global font size and font family used for the user interface in Firefox. Design your browser with your favorite font.

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