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  • It's so much more that i was searching for, a lot of thanks!
  • A nice addon to replace original Tab Groups.
    But there are two majors problems :
    1. At startup, Simple Tab Groups always reopen 2 or 3 tabs that where closed in previous session
    2. It's no more possible to switch groups of tab after a few minutes of usage. There is an error "Invalid tab ID". Only possible way is to restart firefox or reload STG addon.
    Note : I have near 300 tabs opened in 11 groups (75 in groups with most tabs), if this help

    Update 13.02.2019
    It look like version 3.3.7 fixed problems described above.
    I have no more closed tabs auto re-opening and since update I don't have Invalid Tab ID error.
    Or maybe it's Firefox 65 ? Anyway, 5 stars now !
  • It would be great if STG worked fine with the last Extended Support Release of Firefox (currently 60.3.0). This E.S.R. is used in corporate environments (like my government).

    Unfortunately last STG available for this Firefox version crashes very often, mixes tabs between groups and ends up not showing the Group Administration Tab.
  • it just works.
    it help managing multiple tabs and doing it pretty neat
  • Thanks for great addon.
    I have question,
    is there any way to change backup folder?
  • sorry for 3 stars , but why it wont work properly again? is it because firefox 63? it can't switch tabs smoothly any more, always reload pages in other group and error messages...and missing tabs
    Everything works as before, update the version of the add-on to 3.3.3
  • Your add-on is the main reason I decided to update my Firefox lately. But it would be perfect if the old "Move to group" feature in each tab's context menu is implemented, just like the good old days...
  • Quick little nitpick: opening a tab group tries to load every single tab simultaneously which for larger groups can lead to heaps of lag and ram usage. older tab groups only held onto the tab page and a thumbnail and loaded them when they were selected which was much better for me. Also the tab management page could be smoother. Lastly, I like how current pages can be retrieved when opening a tab group without saving to one before hand so I don't lose pages I didn't want to but I would like active windows to be saved to a new tab group automatically when switching to another group and not already a part of one but not with only "new tab" active.
    Please update Firefox to v63 and addon to v3.3.2. I added support create tabs with discarded option for no load on open group.
    Thanks for your feedback!
  • First of all: A BIG THANK YOU! This is looking very good! FF after 56 was a big regression!
    Tab groups should be part(optionally or not) of every FF, like tabs are. I mean if you have files, you have to have folders/directories!
    In order to be 100% helpful, tabs, have to have 4 important things:
    1. Free arrange and rename the tab groups;
    2. Saving the session at will and automatically(every hour or so) before FF crashes or is closed normally;
    3. Possibility to move tabs from one group to another.
    4. A "tab group bar" above the tab bar, with a button to hide/show the "tab group bar".
    I guess you have already covered most of this and I hope you will do your best for the others!
    Cheers !

    EDIT : take a look at this: https://postimg.cc/SJhgfGdn
    for clarification about paragraph 4. See that green T to the right of the tab bar....that is the button with which left click show/hide the "tab group bar".
    Free arrange - in plans
    Auto Backup copies (in addon settings) and move tabs from one group to another (tab context menu) are already in the latest version, you need Firefox 63 and STG v3.3.2
    Paragraph 4 I do not quite understand))

    Thanks for your feedback!
  • Panorama is back... and better! Hooray
    Thanks for your feedback!
  • Cool
    Thanks for your feedback!
  • Thanks so much for essentially reviving the Tab Groups/Panorama feature! Some other extensions have tried and not quite hit the mark, but this one is the best so far. Hope you're able to take it even further as the WebExtensions API expands!
    Thanks for your feedback!
  • 效率低不说了,还丢组,上次重启Firefox之后就丢失了全部分组和标签。
    Hi! Please update Firefox to v63 and then update STG - many bugs was fixed, UI changed