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  • Works very well. This addon is basically a panorama on steroids. You can use it like a really simple "tab grouping" feature, but there are advanced features that makes it really powerful (for instance, automatically assign certain urls to a specific group). The only downside I notice is the time it takes initializing when you first open the browser. I wonder why it's so long and if there are means to improve this. Other than this, the addon is brilliant!
  • Really love this plugin, love how it auto moves tabs belonging to a container to a group you want.

    Maybe I'm missing it but is there any way to auto move tabs not in a container to a certain group?
  • Шикарное приложение, позволяет структурировать большое количество открытых вкладок, что мегаполезно и удобно.
  • Very practical add-on. Like it a lot. It makes my browsing life much better organize. Good job. Four stars only as it still seem to be a wee buggy. The backup functionality does not work. In Downloads I have every two hours failed download - files with names stg-backup-yyy-mm-dd@drive4jk.json. And if I go to settings -> backup and try to open backup folder nothing happens. Hopefully soon it will sorted and it will deserve dive starts.
  • This is really great addon for organizing tabs! I love that automatic grouping by conainer. I am missing one nice to have feature: automatic switch to chosen default tab group after opening new Firefox window/starting up the Firefox.
  • Finally! I have tried about six different add-ons. The disappointment was especially when Firefox reintroduced Tab Containers, and it was nothing like the old genius that was Tab Groups... But this... _THIS_ is even better than what the old was... Intuitive, slick, multiple extra functions such as Backup or icon customization, integration with Tab Containers and much more... Thank you very much, Mr(s). Drive4ik!
  • One Update: please allow the location of the the backups folder to be moved. I download to my desktop, and suddenly had a mysterious folder appear and didn't understand why. Still a fantastic program.
    I've so badly missed Tab Groups, and this app is nearly a direct replacement. It functions well, is easy to manage. I love it. My one suggestion would be, remember what tab was last used in each group, so that when in "Manage Groups" it returns to that tab, rather than the first open tab in that group.
  • Thank you!!!!
  • I'm sorry to down-vote this add-on but it's just too unstable: as others have said, it can't separate the tab groups - they end up dumped in one group all too often, or I get a tab error message and they simply refuse to load. This happens in 2 out of every 3 browser restarts. It's too much.
  • It does the work properly. It's fast, clean, beautiful. Exactly what I need. Thank you so much.
  • I love it but:
    1. If firefox is not closed properly it's really really slow to reopen it and restore the tabs.
    2. There is an error "Invalid tab ID"
  • Great Add-on. Thank you very much.
  • It's so much more that i was searching for, a lot of thanks!
  • A nice addon to replace original Tab Groups.
    But there are two majors problems :
    1. At startup, Simple Tab Groups always reopen 2 or 3 tabs that where closed in previous session
    2. It's no more possible to switch groups of tab after a few minutes of usage. There is an error "Invalid tab ID". Only possible way is to restart firefox or reload STG addon.
    Note : I have near 300 tabs opened in 11 groups (75 in groups with most tabs), if this help

    Update 13.02.2019
    It look like version 3.3.7 fixed problems described above.
    I have no more closed tabs auto re-opening and since update I don't have Invalid Tab ID error.
    Or maybe it's Firefox 65 ? Anyway, 5 stars now !