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  • Very good extension, thanks a lot !
  • Takes a significant amount of time to restore a lot of tabs (Win 64, FF dev), but otherwise a handy extension.
  • Thanks. Does what I needed, however, I can't figure out why when I delete a tab from the tab bar, it deletes it from the Tab Group. This defeats the purpose of the addon. Am I doing something wrong...? Am I missing something...? Please advise. Thx again.
  • I am using Firefox 66.0.3, addon version 3.4.3, Windows 7 64bit.
    I forgot to mention that it happens not every time.
    You can contact me at alexjzx (@) gmail.com.
    Add-on is really cool and it does the job well, but:
    1) It takes too much time to load tabs, about 2-3 mins for ~60 tabs
    2) Until it is loaded, you re not gonna to do anything to your tabs, because it will load tabs state in 3 mins and will erase all your progress(e.g. newly opened tabs)
    3) Thus, it slows down starting your work with the browser.
    For the rest, this addon is great and highly usable.
    Hi! Thanks for review! What version of OS, browser and add-on do you use?
  • Updating from old Firefox, great replacement for the old tab groups addon,

    Quick question - in the old add on when restoring tabs it would restore the tab including its history (the previous & newer webpages loaded by each tab), is that still the case ?

    Also, encountered an issue/bug where the addon reorganises the order the tabs are shown from the last time you shut down pc to when booting it the next day - sometimes moving them to a different group (so far this only happens on tabs on the same webpage - the homepage - google )
    Hi! Thanks for review! Addon can no longer restore tab history, the browser does not provide this feature
  • Absolutely fantastic add-on! Great for organizing many open tabs and windows. Note one thing that was not very clear early on for me is that each group is associated with only one window. So you cannot have multiple windows associated with a single group. Although I did not expect this at first, this approach gives a very fluid user experience. I cannot recommend this extension enough if you are like me and tend to keep many tabs and windows open for an absurd amount of time and return to them later.

    One slight annoyance is how, from what I can tell, there is no easy way to convert a window that is not associated with a group to be a new group. If you select ALL open tabs in a window, use "Move tab to group" to a new group, it closes the window you were just on, changes the current window to another one, and changes that window to the newly created group. Expected behavior is to keep the window open when creating a new group for all tabs on the the current window.
  • Found a very unpleasant bug. When you switch to a group of tabs, they all start to load. No settings to change the behavior found.
    In the new version, the error is not fixed.
    Hi, please upgrade your browser and addon to the latest stable version.
  • I've been holding off updating Firefox until this add on became stable. Over the last week I have been running it in in parallel with my production environment with ~ 150 open tabs in 5 groups and had no issues with load times, overall performance or stability.
    Consequently, I have today fully transitioned to FF V65.01 and Simple Tab Groups.
    Am very happy. Great work! Thank you.
  • First, thank you for this fantastic add-on. Congratulations, is a very nice work.

    Second, this add-on deserves all the stars. But I am going to give 4 starts, just because the delayed start-up issue (it takes lot of time to launch in my FF). This is a small issue, and only happens at FF' launching, but it will be great if the Dev can eliminate de annoying start-up delay.

    Thanks in advance!
  • 非常好用,在以前FireFox內建的「分頁群組」被拿掉之後,這個tab管理套件算是很不錯的。
  • "HAAAaaaaaaa..." (voix d'anges avec lumière divine venant d'en haut)
    Voilà ENFIN une extension remplaçant convenablement les anciens groupes d'onglets disparus avec les persona.
    Que son créateur en soit béatifié !
    Plus sérieusement enfin une extension qui permet ET de trier les onglets par groupe ET de cacher ceux des autres groupes.
    Merci merci merci merci.
  • Works well and seems to hold and endless amount of tabs without slowing down the browser. I would have given it 5 stars if it offered a way to sort A-Z or Z-A, etc. Much better than the original Firefox version.
  • This is not Tab Groups. There is no functionality that I expected from an addon that claims to be inspired by it. I have found no option to skip the "groups menu" dropdown and go straight into the management screen, and further the groups management screen opens itself into a tab or a window depending on the setting you have set, yet neither of these options were the way the original Tab Groups worked. It used to be that it seemingly created a navigation bar-less fullscreen window with the tabs displayed. I don't know what the limitations of quantum's haphazardly asinine addon system are, but that's rather disappointing. I don't like the current standing separate window view, nor the tab version. Very clunky to use.

    Further, although explicitly stated as being planned for a future update, you cannot freely arrange the tab groups in the grid view, which is unfortunate.

    This was not worth updating from Firefox V56.0.2 for, though unfortunately I was forced into doing so by the fact that many webpages have begun to discontinue support for the legacy version of Firefox. I am left with no other choice.

    Edit: Boosting up to four stars because I found an amazing workaround. You can right click > PIN the "Manage Groups" tab and then, voila, there is an always-present button you can press to bring you right to the overview screen. It's on the left, not the right, but hey it's better than being forced to use that menu.