233 notes
  • I use uMatrix and uBlock and am a very big fan of those addons but I figured I'd throw this on top and see what happened. It doesn't seem to have done anything detrimental to any of the sites I like to commonly browse and in some cases I can see an indicator on the icon showing that it's blocking something but I am not seeing any way of showing exactly WHAT it is blocking. It would be nice if it gave more information on the little drop down menu when you click the icon as to what it is actually doing.
  • A very good add-on, but note that it only works with the most recent versions of Firefox, which is not stated on its download page.
    It will not work with Firefox 59 ESR for instance, although it appears to install normally.
    It looks fine, but will not actually do anything apart from sit in the add-ons bar icons!
  • Thank you to the entire Team Malwarebytes for creating this Amazing addon and sharing it with the world for free.

    The internet has become a safer and friendlier place for everyone, since you arrived.

    Keep up the good work.
    We Love You :)
  • Preventing the various links on hellotech.com from functioning. Other adblockers are not having the same issue.
  • This extension is ridiculous. It tells you everything is click-bait so tries to block you from it (ask if you "really" want to go to that page"!)
    Problem is that many sites have click bait now. It's how internet sites make money.
    So okay, lighten up on the click bait warnings and then ask me again...
    So far I'm not impressed - all it does is slow me down in my browsing with it's stupid useless warnings of click bait.
    can you please provide few examples of the blocked URL's?
  • Very good addon. Some glitches, but this is a beta and getting better all the time. I am using it in addtion to Malwarebytes Premium and Windows Defender, no need for resource-hogging security suites.
  • Not sure what the point of this is, if you can just install an adblocker like uBlockOrigin. It will take care of most malware on the web, and you can also block javascript with it if you really want.
  • Pretty good for an experimental add-on. I can't wait to see how much better Malwarebytes for Firefox will get once it becomes a stable add-on!
  • Juste merci d'accord!
  • I want an option to pick my own Sites to be blocked.