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  • Acabo de instalarla, espero lo mejor.
  • Dectecta web como maliciosas y malware ,siendo web de mi confianza ,ya que conozco a quien las han puesto desde hace años
    Arreglenlo y en un futuro la instalare ,mientrar tando ublock origin es mi aliado
    will be more then happy to help you if you can provide me with little bit of more details around the issue.

    please reach out to https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/242-malwarebytes-for-firefox/
  • Still in Beta and Blocks legit web sites for no valid reason.
    Not ready for prime time! Uninstalled!
    we are more then happy to resolve your blocking legit site issues, can you please provide me with some URLs in question?
  • Have to experiment more, a bit dissapointed, at this moment, sites as descargas2020.com are still unbrowsable without noscript or ublock... malwarebytes could not do nothing with it...
  • I love this new extension i use the premium version of Malwarebytes on my PC and I'm very glad you you guys made this to keep people safe online if they cant have or don't want the PC protection software
  • I would not trust a closed source addon like this when there are much better open source tools to protect yourself from malware on the web like ublock origin with the malware filters all enabled.
    agree that there are great products in the market today, but most of them do not protect you from intrusive ads and clickbaits that you find on many popular websites.

    Malwarebytes Browser Extension is uniquely positioned to fill those gaps.
  • Прекрасно працює!!!
  • Nice addon. Is this addon working like a normal adblocker with predefined subscriptions or does it use custom filterlists/ other methods?
  • Nice!
  • Como antivirus es el que mas malware y virus me ha detectado aunque otros tengan mayor calificación av. Como extensión, mejor que adblock.
  • I like the potential for this extension. It works well because it's blocked bad pup sites. It's also simple and easy to use. The only ongoing issue is every time I CLOSE Firefox, it crashes the browser. "Process error". (It leaves open an old FF process running in the background) I know it's the extension because when I uninstall it...the browser no longer crashes on closing. I will continue to use this extension because it seems lightweight and works, but the crashes are just an inconvenience.
  • The latest version is working better than before. I can only say good things about this antimalware add on. Sure, it blocks suspicious sites that one sometimes want to visit, but hey there is also an option to override the antimalware setting and visit the page. Good 5 stars!
  • He hagut de desinstal·lar l'extensió perquè m'ho bloca quasi-absolutament tot. Google maps, Bing maps... bye bye malwarebytes.
    will more then happy to help you via our forum.

    you can reach us at https://forums.malwarebytes.com/forum/242-malwarebytes-for-firefox/
  • Every time I closed Firefox it showed me a message that it had not closed properly, I had to uninstall Malwarebytes extension and the problem was solved.
    It also does not work very well against advertising and pop-ups
    can you please provide an instance or domain where add-on failed to to block the pop up and ads ?

    your feedback is valuable to us and we will be more then happy to resolve issues.
  • good extension but I had conflicts issues with Mullvad VPN check status site if I use it in combination with the "disable webRTC" add-on:


    it lost time for Checking for WebRTC leaks and then it shown "Failed checking for WebRTC leaks."


  • User of Malwarebytes Premium, I'm not sure if this add-on is redundant but, hey! let's try!
    I use Ublock0 + Umatrix and on some pages Malwarebytes seems to block things that are not blocked by those two tools. It would be a very good thing to add the possibility to see details of blocked resources.

    EDIT: some false positives. Pages add-on detect as suspicious/malwares but are totally legit. The desktop application don't detect them and a search on virustotal give "all good" result. There is work to be done on the detection engine.

    As a premium user of the desktop app I'm gonna stop using the Firefox add-on. Some measure of protection are already taken and I'm not interested in the functionality like "clickbait prevention" as long as I'm not a stupid user and know to use self judgement. Still in my collection, I will keep an eye on it.

    However I think it could be a good add-on if you are not premium user of the desktop application.

    Keep up the good work.
  • Working as expected.
    Thank you Malwarebytes!
  • I am a premium MB user for 4 or 5 years. The extension is the best and I have it from the first moment that came out in beta.
    Will this extension be paid? And for those who are already premium ?.
    Thanks for your great work.
  • Идея хорошая. Пилите дальше т.к пока многие сайты ломает.
  • The new version 1.0.16 just released ROCKS!