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  • This works great with Firefox Quantum 59. I like that the icon only appears when I'm on Amazon, rather than cluttering up the toolbar all the time. My only quibble is that when I first installed it, it didn't work on smile.amazon.com, only on the regular Amazon site, but this seems to have been fixed now.
  • Works great with Quantum 59+. Detailed pricing history really kills those impulse buying habits Amazon encourages and offers price notifications set to your limits. Great addon so far, considering how much I use Amazon. Love it.
  • Love this app! It's like being able to put a limit-order on an amazon item. Getting a message when the price drops below a threshold is awesome. I sometimes buy an item 6+ months after I originally see and mark it on camelizer.

    For those complaining about incompatibility, I have been through every update of FF for the last 1.5 years, and am currently on FF 58.0.2, and have successfully used this extension -- alongside ublock origin, print edit, video download helper, user agent switcher, and with and without flash or java.
  • Love this add on but as other have noted, it is not currently working with Firefox 57+. Please fix!
  • Functional but graphically dated.
  • I love the extension, however if connected behind a VPN it won't work in many cases.
    No way to enter the security challenge code therefore can't use extension.
  • Excellent. The way prices bounce up and down on Amazon, this add-on provides a great way to highlight when the price drops to what you want to pay, as well as being able to see a history of the pricing.
  • its a good addon
  • I like it
  • Worthless if I can't use it, but is a great idea. How 'bout paying attention to your user reviews/ complaints.
  • the issue is that that icon in the toolbar is now missing and there's no way to get it on there. so, despite being labelled as working with firefox 57+, it actually doesn't. hopefully it gets fixed soon, it's pretty great otherwise
  • I updated to 2.9.5 and now it doesn't work with Firefox 49.0.2. Running Windows 7 and I just get a white box.

    Update - Went back to 2.9.2 and all is well again.
  • Win 7, FireFox 47, Camelizer 2.9.5..... Just get a blank white box when clicking on the icon. I disabled most other extensions but it doesn't help. This started to occur a couple of months back.
  • It has worked fine until recently.
    I'm using Firefox 50.0.2 on Windows 10 and clicking the Camel icon right next to the address bar returns an empty white panel.
    Disabling uBlock and NoScript extensions didn't help.
    Still, 4 stars because it deserves them!
  • For the last week or so all I get is "An error has occurred." when clicking the button on an Amazon product page. The same page works fine on Chrome. The other extensions I have installed are Umatrix, Ublock Origin, and Fakespot.
  • Support has released v 2.9.5 that successfully addresses the blank page encountered by some in v. 2.9.4.