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  • Insanely useful, pleasantly tiny.
  • This is a handy add-on for frugal people. I wish I had found this sooner.
  • used the camelizer greasemonkey script previously. very useful when shopping on amazon!
  • Fantastic add-on!
  • Simple and effective, I like it. Using it to track a few things before Christmas.
  • Great add on, works really well... will use it for future Amazon purchases.
  • A fantastic addition to the camel farm arsenal.
    Provides an even greater convenience to the already superb camel sites.
  • I like to do some research before I buy things and I find Camelizer very helpful in organizing prices in a visual way. I wish I'd had this when I bought my digital SLR a few years ago!
  • never buy anything on amazon before consulting with the camel.
  • Being an avid online consumer this is an excellent tool to not only keep watch on items i'm interested purchasing but to also help me make a more informed decision on these purchases.
  • Top notch. Everything camel^3 is and even more convenience to boot. Does what it's supposed to and you can't beat that.
  • This add-on is da bomb. I like things that are convenient and Camelizer is one of them.
  • i was adrift in thee ocean alone and cold when i spotted the camelizer floating past. i clutched it with all my might and it kept me afloat until the waves carried me to shore. highly recommended.
  • *adds on* Thanks! Works great!
  • I love this add on. It works as described, and is a great tool for researching your purchases!
  • Works like a charm. It's basically the same as the greasemonkey scripts as far as functionality goes, but it's so much nicer to be able to install everything in one go instead of individual scripts for each site.