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  • Got this, loved it for tracking prices on Amazon. With the latest update the developers did, it is effectively useless as an add-on; no functionality left in it, wish I never updated it. Only option left is for me to delete it and warn others against downloading it. Does not work, a waste of add-on space. Hopefully the developers will see their mistake and role things back to their previous version of Camelizer. Judging by their lack of response to previous like postings, I doubt they really care beyond getting their kickbacks from Amazon for purchases made by folks that have downloaded it. :(
    There is more functionality in the latest version than in any previous release! All we did was move the Camel button out of the add-on bar and into the address bar, where it only appears when you're on a supported retailer's site. This update also adds new chart options and other product look-up features.

    We also get no "kickbacks" from any retailer because of the Camelizer. If you choose to use our website, that's a different story, but the add-on itself contains no affiliate links.

    Please email me (dan at shup dot com) to discuss what has made the add-on "useless". If something is broken, we'll definitely try to fix it, but we feel the Chrome-like UI is much nicer than the previous version's interface.
  • I don't know what happened. Before there was a button on the addon bar. While I thought that was a bad spot for it, at least it was there. Now it's gone completely. I used to have a button I could drag onto the navigation bar when I chose customize. That button is now gone also. In other words, this addon removed all of it's interface and is completely non-interactive, which is the same as not having the addon at all. What in god's name were they thinking?
    We didn't remove the interface! The Camel button is now in the address bar when you visit supported retailer sites. We are planning on bringing the navigation bar button back, though. Hopefully you'll be willing to try the next version...
  • This used to be a nice add-on but the new "change" is a pain and not worth the using.
    See ya!
    What specifically about the change made the extension useless to you? We would appreciate more feedback on this.
  • I loved this addon until you removed the ability to display the info in the BOTTOM BAR!

    The cute little Chrome-style popup is a good addition, and I appreciate the added functionality that's included in the popup.

    Unfortunately, the removal of the bottom bar is a serious downgrade to this addon - user 'frg62' says it best:

    "And that has been lost in this last verson.
    Previously, I only had to activate the plugin, and then I could easily navigate through Amazon, the relevant data would simply appear at every new page, without me having to do anything.

    Now, at every page, I need to go to this minuscule button, and click on it again and again.
    And it hides a portion of the web window... "

    It's become clear that a large portion of your users found this very useful. Please give us an option to show the bottom bar!
  • Sorry but I absolutely Hate Camelizer in the address bar with the tiny flyout box. It was much better with the information at the bottom of the webpage, uninstalled
  • This was my favorite tool for a long time. The latest changes - Out of the add-on bar, limiting the width of the ccc window to the width of the navigation/address bar - have made this more difficult than necessary. At the very least, please make the width screen width again. My netbook can't see the whole screen.
    Please email me to discuss this! Contact info is on our site.
  • Version 2.2.1 doesn't take up space in the add-on bar or the tool bar anymore. Just pops up a little icon in the address bar when you're on a supported website, similar to the Chrome version of the extension.
  • I like this addon, and I use it all the time.

    I thought I would write this, because although it says under the download link, that it doesn't work with Firefox v. 11, I can confirm it works fine. So go ahead and download it.

    Remember to enable the status bar, or manually place the Camelizer icon along with the rest of icons.
  • First impression was very good. Service works fine. But, the Camel icon is so annoying. Probably it is a tech bug, but icon always appears itself in my status bar even i have deleted it !!!
  • If you are a regular user of CamelCamelCamel (or its related websites) then this handy tool can save you some cutting and pasting and make your price history lookups faster. Unfortunately, it could have been implemented a bit better on Firefox 4. By default, it enables your Add-ons bar at the bottom of the browser window, and if you disable it, it re-enables it when you restart Firefox. I don't like that, because I only use the Camelizer about once or twice a week. I mean, how often do you buy things from Amazon? Really. So even though I rarely use Camelizer, it wastes valuable screen space with the Add-ons bar every single time I use Firefox. Luckily, I discovered that this doesn't happen if you add the Camelizer button to your toolbar (at the top right of the Firefox window.) When the Camelizer toolbar button is visible, it works like a dream. Not too intrusive like before, but always there when you need it.
  • Never ceases to amaze me that people release a product and provide absolutely no instructions. Not a single syllable! I've been a user for a while of the CAMELCAMELCAMEL extension. Just installed the version for FF4, not a clue after 10 minutes how to activate the function. COME ON. If I can't access the features you don't receive an affiliate payment and we all lose. How about some instructions!
    The Camelizer works the same as it used to...Unfortunately, Firefox 4 hides the "addons bar" (which replaced the status bar) by default, so you have to toggle the that before it will appear. Or you can add our Camel icon to your toolbar, just like in previous versions.

    Hopefully this will help resolve your issues and earn us more than an angry one star. I've updated the add-on's listing to reflect this information.
  • Would -love- to see this working in FF4. I can do without most of my addon's (even though they all already work) but missing this one significantly. (And I also don't have a choice at work, as FF4 is the default by Corp. IT)
  • Doesn't work with Firefox 4.0. Will try to live with chrome for now.
  • This doesn't track Kindle price.
    We do track the Kindle's price. However, Amazon doesn't provide Kindle book pricing data. We would supply it if we could.
  • The CamelCamel makes price tracking easy, and it has saved me some money.
  • I'm so glad that the Camerlizer works again with Amazon. I just had to come back and say thanks for helping me spot a killer deal on a new TV. The sale was only for a day and I got both an email and an rss feed from you about the product again thanks for saving me some cash!
  • I have v1.4. Doesn't appear to work anymore. Running FF 3.6.13. Don't see the camel icon anywhere on Amazon or NewEgg pages.
  • Used it for buying my laptop and not getting way to screwed. Nice stuff!
  • Just tried the beta version, good stuff. I can't wait for it to support more websites. The history can be hard to read but it is better than any other addon that displays history so far.
  • I used this as well and helped me buy a lot of computer items at Newegg. Great tool. But they too might have changed as I do not see the little camel anymore at Newegg and Newegg's website has changed it's layout.
  • http://blog.camelcamelcamel.com/841/camelizer-beta-updates-for-chrome-and-firefox.html

    They are working on the updates since Amazon is being a terd over this.
  • Loved this add-on, but it no longer works on Amazon.com. You can still go to camelcamelcamel.com and paste the link for the item on Amazon to see a price history. But it's a pain that it's being blocked now.
  • I have been using this great tool and thrilled that my purchases help provide multiple streams of income straight into the Camel's mouth, they deserve every dollar of affiliate income derived from the products I buy!

    No savvy NewEgg.com or Best Buy shopper should be without this tool, it provides immense leverage when buying that cool new gadget you've just gotta have and helps determine lowest price historical data and whether or not the merchant's latest liquidation, blowout, extravaganza or clearance sale is really all they claim or just a bunch of smoke & mirrors, fake markdowns off inflated prices or everyday prices with rebate hassles attached (and who wants those!)

    It would be great if the Camelizer could be interfaced with that really cool Lowest-Price Search Engine "TheFind.com" which has tens of thousands of merchants, not just a few big ones.

    In any event, Camelizer is a must have Firefox Add-on, even if its usability and breadth has sadly being narrowed down to just two.

    I find both Camilizer and TheFind.com as the web's most indispensable tools for daily use. Camelizer far exceeds the competition, even if greedy multinational corporations like BP.. err, I mean Amazon, have banned/blocked both Camelizer and TheFind.com so they can scam, fleece and hoodwink unsuspecting customers out of money with bogus "lowest price of the season" sales, when in reality, tools like Camelizer told you the truth behind Amazon's price-fix and market-manipulation. I realize now all the big boys play dirty and I will have no part of it.

    In fact, I just deleted my Amazon account, after 11 years and spending tens of thousands of dollars with them, shopping Amazon is now a pointless endeavor and virtually useless without my trusty Camelizer working to reveal hidden truths at every click and turn of the page.

    Amazon, shame on you! Bite the hand that feeds you? That's Epic Fail.
  • Love this app. Use it to follow wanted items, get notifications when price drops to selected level, check price history. Unfortunately, it has stopped working on Amazon's site (hence only 4 stars). Still up on NewEgg. Google search on this failure doesn't provide any useful info. I'm wondering "why me?"
  • CamelCamelCamel is an invaluable tool for shopping on Amazon.com - it gives me more confidence on purchases made on Amazon. Even if it's temporary, I'm disappointed Amazon.com is disabling something that promotes a great deal of valuable information. Without it, I will think twice about buying items on Amazon.Com