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  • Literally one of the greatest addons available! Love that the chart is working in the new firefox, and love that it works on smile.amazon!
  • hlo
  • Version 2.9.7 works with the latest Firefox version 59.0.2. An icon shows up in the address bar that contains the price history graph. I've only tried it with a few Amazon products but so far it's working great.
  • This works great with Firefox Quantum 59. I like that the icon only appears when I'm on Amazon, rather than cluttering up the toolbar all the time. My only quibble is that when I first installed it, it didn't work on smile.amazon.com, only on the regular Amazon site, but this seems to have been fixed now.
  • Works great with Quantum 59+. Detailed pricing history really kills those impulse buying habits Amazon encourages and offers price notifications set to your limits. Great addon so far, considering how much I use Amazon. Love it.
  • Love this app! It's like being able to put a limit-order on an amazon item. Getting a message when the price drops below a threshold is awesome. I sometimes buy an item 6+ months after I originally see and mark it on camelizer.

    For those complaining about incompatibility, I have been through every update of FF for the last 1.5 years, and am currently on FF 58.0.2, and have successfully used this extension -- alongside ublock origin, print edit, video download helper, user agent switcher, and with and without flash or java.
  • Love this add on but as other have noted, it is not currently working with Firefox 57+. Please fix!
  • Functional but graphically dated.
  • I love the extension, however if connected behind a VPN it won't work in many cases.
    No way to enter the security challenge code therefore can't use extension.
  • Excellent. The way prices bounce up and down on Amazon, this add-on provides a great way to highlight when the price drops to what you want to pay, as well as being able to see a history of the pricing.
  • its a good addon
  • I like it
  • Worthless if I can't use it, but is a great idea. How 'bout paying attention to your user reviews/ complaints.
  • the issue is that that icon in the toolbar is now missing and there's no way to get it on there. so, despite being labelled as working with firefox 57+, it actually doesn't. hopefully it gets fixed soon, it's pretty great otherwise
  • I updated to 2.9.5 and now it doesn't work with Firefox 49.0.2. Running Windows 7 and I just get a white box.

    Update - Went back to 2.9.2 and all is well again.
  • Win 7, FireFox 47, Camelizer 2.9.5..... Just get a blank white box when clicking on the icon. I disabled most other extensions but it doesn't help. This started to occur a couple of months back.