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  • It's a wonderful app, but the newest update broke it. The icon in the taskbar/menu is missing entirely. The app is installed, but there is no way to actually use it right now.
    --- EDIT ---
    it appears that the icon is in the address bar. I didn't even notice it moved. 5stars
    As of version 2.9.4, the Camelizer icon appears in the address bar (on supported pages) rather than the toolbar. Is that not the case for you?
  • Really love this extension. Thank you!
  • Lo he probado como han dicho, en todas las veces me da el mensaje "an error as occured" y no me busca nada. No sé si será porque está habilitado sólo para EE.UU. o por otro motivo, pero no funciona. Desinstalo y tiempo perdido.
  • CamelCamelCamel and Firefox need to start working together as it is now becoming commonplace that each revision of Firefox breaks the Add-on, i.e. the popup is a blank page most times.
  • doesnt work
  • addon performed well for 30 minutes, but after laptop restart shows blank window. Re-install / update does not help. Firefox 51.0.1 64 bit. However server part (price drop notification) works fine. Support team has restored plugin operations in 12 hours. Excellent.
    This problem should be fixed with the next version of our extension, currently under review by Mozilla.
  • This has definitely saved me a few bucks.

    It worked for a long time and then stopped. I assumed it was version conflict and forgot about it. Recently I wanted to use it again, and I found out, although there were no signs, NoScript was blocking camelcamelcamel.com. Maybe you could note that somewhere in the info.
  • Es una extensión que no puede faltar a los compradores en línea, ayuda a asegurar que el precio de las promociones sea realmente una promoción, y no un engaño con un precio normal de tiempo atrás.
  • Thats all I got...when I click some links in the windows...
    w/ ff48 on mac.
  • Install was flawless. Works great for products with several sales; some products with few sales are not shown. It does exactly what it claims to do without requiring a login to their site.
  • Why won't it work at NewEgg site?
  • Please add an option to display the icon in the address bar. Navigation bar real estate is limited and I don't want to use up 1 slot for an extension that only works on 1 site.
  • The button is now on Navigation toolbar, if you have that hidden you can not see it. Enable the navigation toolbar, click "Customize..." then drag Camel button to another toolbar (I put mine on the Menu bar). Now it will stay there.
  • Great tool,it works perfectly on my mozilla!!!
  • I can't get it to work. Installed on 2 computers (Firefox 40.0.3) --- how do you activate it? Where are the settings? Used to use it all the time. Then, started having problems with it disappearing. Followed by getting it to work for a single session, now it simply doesn't work at all; unless I'm missing something....
  • Thanks go to the developer for releasing the latest version yesterday. I've upgraded to Firefox 40.0.2 and The Camelizer is now working again. Update info:

    Camelizer v2.8.1:
    * Works with Firefox 40+.
    * Removes bottom panel interface in favor of "the Firefox way". Now there is one toolbar button, which remembers its position, and activates a popup panel when clicked while viewing Amazon.
    * Fixes wishlist management.
    * Works on HTTPS pages to support HTTPS Everywhere.
    * Upgrading should no longer break the extension in future versions.
  • A great tool to use with Amazon - saved me many a dollar. I don't seem to have the button issues some are complaining about here.
  • what happened? the icon disappeared. I love this add-on & use it every day...please fix!
  • Tolle Idee schöne Umsetzung. Interessant wären noch Chats aus den deutschen META Preisvergleichen wie idealo oder heise.de/preisvergleich . Denn Amazon und co. sind super bieten aber wenig Transparenz.
  • It s a great idea but it misses some of the major sites!
  • it doesn't track bestbuy and newegg products, very disappointed
  • These guys forged this great tracking tool, but why stop at Amazon and Best Buy, etc? Other tools like TrackIf, Hukkster, etc. are doing hundreds or thousands of sites with full alerting etc.? When will Camel do those sites also?
  • When you set the price history in the address bar, and open an a new private mode window, a blank bar should appeared on the bottom. Could you check it again?
    I'll be in touch via email to try to replicate this issue.
  • Works like charm in firefox