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  • It dosn't work. It lists downloadable videos only on youtube (opened just to test it, I don't know if it really downloads). It is not a replacement for DTA.
  • This is more shitty than get stabbed with a dirty woodstick in your eyes!! Words cant tell how useless this sh.it of a sh.it is!
    DELTE it immediatly!
    Too sad that i have to give 1 Star. -5 would be appropriate...
  • I cannot find any way to activate or use this app. There is no icon and Firefox says it is active but I see no way to actually use it.
  • No es lo que yo esperaba pense que era un gesto de descargas
  • Very buggy
  • Don't know how to use it. Replacement for DTA? No kidding.
  • Has the potential to be a brilliant bit of software but just temperamental at the moment and very un-user friendly.
    Must try harder!
  • Fun ktionierte am Anfang super, im Laufe der Zeit scheinen einige Seiten aber Gegenmassnahmen getroffen zu haben. Trotzdem ein sehr brauchbares tool.
  • Doesn't work. Spammy. I think this exists to just add spam.
  • look cool
  • Simplemente no funciona y ni de lejos es un remplazo de Flashgot
  • kiedyś działał...
  • Only using this because Firefox forced DownThemAll to stop working and disable it in the UI.
  • Not even close to DownThemAll.
    Too dysfunctional, not at all practical.
    Opens each file in new "save as" window (I mean, come on guys, we can do this manually...). Crashes out mozilla every time.
    Honestly, 0 stars.
  • Χαλια! Φερτε πισω τα παλια προσθετα οπως το downthemall!
  • Интерфейс невнятный. Скачал видео без звука. Херня.
  • Alert, privacy. As an extension that scans the network and links not on current page while the GUI shows nothing. How did this FF extension pass security checks. version 0.2.1 Firefox 61.0 64bit
  • Piece of trash. Not alternative for DownThemAll.
  • I'd call it junkware: junk not worth having on your computer.
    I would rate this ZERO/ZILCH stars if I could. I am quitting Firefox because of these new versions that don't allow all the great old extensions. They should have worked with the good ones instead of offering this lousy one. I mean, DOS is more user friendly than this thing.
    Simply does not work well so it's time to switch back to Chrome or if they don't have something better, I'll find one that does.