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  • Birçok siteden on-line akış videolarını yakalıyor ve isterseniz tarayıcı isterseniz kopyala seçeneği ile başka bir downloader ile indirebiliyorsunuz, ben IDM kullanıyorum. Seçeneklerde isterseniz küçük dosyaları gösterme deyip sadece indirmek istediğiniz büyüklükteki ses veya görüntü dosyasına odaklanabiliyorsunuz. Önceden bu işi çok daha pratik olarak Flashgot eklentisi ile yapıyordum ama Firefox un son sürümlerinde artık kullanılamadığı için birçok seçenek ve eklenti denedim sonuçte en verimlisi bu öne çıktı. Bu anlattığım şekilde kullanmak isteyenlere tavsiye ederim.
  • Оно НЕ работает, тупо сканирует страницу на предмет всякой хрени, игнорируя фильтры.
    DownThemAll forever !!
    BulkMediaDownloader = bullshit!!
  • сосет у флэшгота
  • no half star? its rubbish
  • Really poor extension. Fails to complete function most of the time, no progress indicator available for downloading all loaded images.
    Doesn't even compete with the extension it was trying to replace. Absolutely awful.
  • Cannot download chunked streaming videos and combine them. This is bad because many websites today use that technology. It does show them as individual download links but I don't want to download 10 videos and combine them manually.
  • I think this author needs a reality-check. Trying to download a simple gallery from an active tab, I have "images" box ticked and it is now trying to extract JSON files from Evernote, Office and other background tabs. Total waste of space. Uninstalling now.
  • ЧТО это?!!!
  • good
  • Мда уж. Даун зем ол верните! Угробили функционал дополнений!
  • malisimo
    nunca se instala en firefox 58
    no pierdan el tiempo
    espero la version compatible de thealldownload
    ese si que es una maquina de bajar archivos!!!!!
  • this supposed to be "BULK MEDIA DOWNLOADER" 0.2.1 gets a 1 star rating!! take it off the list.
  • This add-on was suggested as a replacement for DownThemAll!, but it doesn't even come close. It can't grab multiple download items on a page. It can't even download one file on a page.
  • I was directed to this as a replacement for DTA. Believe me, there is no other way I would have installed this on my system.
  • Invade la privacidad
  • 体验不是一般的差
  • While yeah, there is some noticeable downsides (for most of them fault solely o webextension api) it does it's job. And this is all I need. Thank you.
  • The purpose of an addon like this is to quickly and easily download all the files, or a filtered subset of files, on a page with minimal user intervention.

    I should not have to reload the page.

    I should not have to rename each file one by one as it downloads, to avoid overwriting. It's bog-simple to detect an existing filename and append a 'copy' string to the end, at minimum.

    This utterly fails to meet even basic requirements. -1. Fix the user experience, because user experience is 101% of the value of any software product. Ever. No matter how clever the code in the background is, if it sucks to use, it will fail. Just look at the vitriol you get. You earned that with your bad design decisions. Replace your management, and try again.