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  • poor, flashgot was fast n beta
  • I see quite a few negative comments. For me it just works fine. I am quite pleased witht this app.
  • Descarga los videos sin sonido y aparte no lo organiza bien en la ventana
  • it's suck as a replacement for DownThemAll extension
  • The instructions were too complex. It didn't download videos. (I had one playing and it didn't appear in the list even though I selected "All".)
  • ANY and ALL files from a webpage at your fingertips! No "smart detection" or failure to recognize a video like with other add-ons.
  • Mozilla says it is a substitution fo DownThemAll, but it's clearly smth. different. Better try this one: All Downloader Professional
  • Not as good as DTA, in fact they're completely different. I was looking for text files downloader, not this irrelevant media downloader.
  • Not a replacement for down them all.

    Why did firefox fuck itself up this bad!?!
  • I like it
  • Ne permet pas de récupérer les images comme le faisait Down Them All
  • Сначала пыталось найти ссылки на странице для закачки, но оочень медленно и прервалось после нескольких ссылок. Потом вообще не работало. Одновременно пробовал другим качальщиком - всё отлично.
  • Just doesnt work as expected...annoyingly slow...doesn't get linked images, only the visible thumbnails...pointless
  • Doesn't work - it can't find anything.
  • This is not remotely like Down Them All. It is a match compared to a firestorm.
    My point is not that this add-on is not good - this is simply not a good replacement for Down Them All, and you should not redirect to it.
    Mozilla - you are great but this change that broke Firefox so the best add-ons no longer work is NOT OK!
    You need to get Down Them All, Anti-Container, and Flash-got working again.
    I don't care how you do it. You have to fix this.
  • completely useless, not a replacement for DownThemAll, did not catch downloaded files, links, anything. PIECE OF SHIT!