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  • Dziwią mnie oceny z jedną gwiazdką. Dodatek się sprawdza idealnie. Od dawna używam go do ściągania pornoli ze stron gdzie nie ma linków do filmików.
  • I hit refresh and it shows 53/56 in the corner and that's it, it doesn't do anything beyond that. No list of media ever appears, there's no option to actually save anything, and the little icon just keeps spinning forever. Nothing ever happens.
  • Waste of time does not work
  • 完全無法像flashgot 那樣直接下載連結後的圖片
  • It is very frustrating that when looking for a replacement for any downloadtool of the "old" Firefox (DownThemAll, Flashgot, ...) always this is the suggested solution. This extension is terribly slow, filtering according to file-types doesn't work properly - from my point of view it is faster downloading all single files one by one rather than getting frustrated by this extension. I am wondering if Firefox developers are testing the extensions at all before putting them on the replacement suggestion list.
  • müll
    dont work
    dass dieses statt downthemall angeboten wird ist eine frechheit
  • Какое-то убожество. Не знаю, что и как оно там анализирует, но в итоге абсолютно ничего не находит.
  • Did exactly what I was looking to do with no fuss.
  • I'm giving the tool 1 star because there's work behind it.

    But it is not a replacement of DownloadThemAll in any imaginable sense. This tool gets messed when you have many tabs opened, it does not provide you with good filtering options, it shows a pathetic progress bar and has a very poor configuration interface.
    Firefox Quantum took a direction that left many good add-on modules out of service in an unrecoverable way.

    We miss you DownloadThemAll

    Requiescat In Pace
  • Can't find common image files on web page. Useless. Plus it's slow as heck taking 15 to 20 minutes to find all of the trivial things it does find.
  • People who are giving it one star don't understand why it's so hard to download full size photos and say it isn't as goood as downthemall. They have it backwards. Downthemall isn't getting updates for the same reason this tool is getting harder to use: app and web developers are doing their best to prevent automated downloading of images and videos for bandwidth conservation. If you're serious about whatever you need this for, check out python's beautiful soup and write a scraper for what you need. I promise lots of people would find it useful.
  • It works great. But Firefox's own "View Page Info" tool already does everything add-on would do. (This feature has been part of Firefox since version 3, if not earlier). So, this add-on does not do anything new. And it requires you to refresh the page too!
  • Sucks. Doesn't work.
  • Meilleur outil polyvalent que j'ai trouvé dans cette catégorie. Un must!
  • NOT a replacement for DownloadThemAll, It's worthless.
  • nice
  • I was looking for a replacement for DownloadThemAll, and this was recommended. It's worthless.
  • This is by far the most worthless extension I have seen written that shamefully uses the term BULK and yet all you can do is download one by one through the browser save. How are you bulk downloading dick here? The fact that you even compare yourself to DTA or FlashGot is the very definition of clueless and ignorant. It promotes Turbo Download with no way to send the list to it for download. Turbo further hedges by saying, oh I can't download more than file at a time if the server won't allow it. What kind of bullshit is that, if you have a list of stuff to download, you have a library to do it, then fucking queue it up and download them to the directory you are given, what kind of bullshit nonsense is all the double talk?