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  • WTF? Why did this developer think intercepting all current http requests was a better way to scrape the web than parsing html? You have to refresh pages for it to see anything, then it only shows you http URLs, and there's no way to specify which tab you want, it's browser-wide...so any pages sending AJAX requests in the background get detected. Maybe someone has a use for this, but I don't. +1 star because it does actually seem to detect media using this cockamamie method.
  • recien lo baje espero que sea mejor que el anterior
  • I keep removing this add-on, but it keeps on reinstalling itself! at least once every 2 to 3 weeks, it is back.
  • Doesn't work at all!
  • Doesn't appear to work. Tried to use it for scraping some images off a page. It gave feedback suggesting it had saved the images, but didn't say where they had been saved. Using built-in windows search was unable to locate any of the files that had allegedly been downloaded.
  • constantemente es reportada como peligrosa por mi protector de seguridad
  • Это убожество предлагается, как замена FlashGot. Не работает она ни хрена.
  • Hello: 1st of all, audio track is missing in the videos, and second there's no play button, and third you download with different checksum almost 50times the same video and you don't see the other videos, so I can't go on with you as I can't get one video with proper download. Sorry :/
  • Bulk Media Download hat bisher sehr zuverlässlich
  • Dziwią mnie oceny z jedną gwiazdką. Dodatek się sprawdza idealnie. Od dawna używam go do ściągania pornoli ze stron gdzie nie ma linków do filmików.
  • I hit refresh and it shows 53/56 in the corner and that's it, it doesn't do anything beyond that. No list of media ever appears, there's no option to actually save anything, and the little icon just keeps spinning forever. Nothing ever happens.