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  • Great job and a lifesaver! Not to belabor suggestions others have made, but here are my top 3 requests:

    1) Make bar thinner in a manner similar to the old Download Status Bar extension by only displaying a single line of text and using tooltips to offload supplemental info. While download is in progress show a broken file icon, download speed, time remaining, and percent complete (or have option for user to choose 3 datums to display). Notice that filename doesn't display during download. When download completes, just display the file icon + name. All other data (file size, location, etc) can be displayed in tooltip.

    2) Auto-clear (or have option to do so) when choosing Show in Explorer. Once I have gone to the file and started to work with it, I no longer need it in the status bar and having to explicitly clear it is just wasted mouse clicks.

    3) See about injecting the status bar on all tabs. I keep dozens of tabs open at any one time and cannot keep track of which downloads are where.

    Five stars if you manage to implement these!
  • Thank you for this extension. This is, so far, the only useful replacement for "Download statusbar" extension.

    Please, add an option to configure font size and statusbar height. Now it is taking a really big chunk of screen estate on smaller resolutions ie. 1366*768.
  • Please add a list autocleaning options for some file types, if it's possible. Like in the Download Manager. Thanks!
  • It works fine, just needs a little polish (e.g. change in size, as previous reviewers have noted).
  • Very promising start, but as others have mentioned the bar is way too big. Hopefully this is correctable and not controlled by the browser.
  • If you dont get it smaller like the original download status bar, this is pretty useless for me.
    + the size changes when you zoom in and out!
    + i dont see the bar on every tab, for example on this site it doesnt appear!

    + the size of the file-bars are different because the filenames got different lengths. they should be all the same size.
  • Cool!
  • Great work Joseph! For putting a problem The bar should be self-hiding because it covers a small part of the browser. And if for example there is a dialog box and a button below to answer or send, for example, it is not seen, because the download bar covers it. But outside of that it works very well. ;-)
  • One I was looking for... and, I think, the best among others.

    "Can you make it slim", please :) (c)
    And, please, allow little cutomization of colors - for example light theme for me is better, than dark, but "too green" color of finished downloads irritates a little :(
  • Loved it, since this stupid firefox quantum update i was sarching for something like this!

    But if the bar was like 80% thinner it would be PERFECT
  • Please add more option to resize the bar, more colors and speed status, to see in real time with what speed I download, Thank you.
  • can you make it slim and on mouse over for more detail? thanks
  • Nice, I will use it.

    What comes into my mind when using the bar:
    - 'clear' could be also a symbol (eg trashcan), would save some space
    - i need to right click on the item so open submenu, while clicking left mouse has no function (why not use it, so instead of double click to browse to download, single click or open menu with single click)
    - more options to customize appearance

    Only miror stuff, as said i will use it, many thanks for your work.
  • I've just upped my rating of this to 5 stars, it was 4 on my last rating. It's coming on very nicely. Like a few others I would like to see ann option to have the bar change colour for different download speeds. Example 100 Mb/s green, 50 Mb/s amber, 25 Mb/s red.
    I don't know if this possible with the new programming required but hopefully it will be achieveable.

    Keep up the good work :)
  • Thank you for developing this.

    As for recommendations:

    1. Have different colors for completed downloads and in progress downloads (and give us the option to select the colors if possible).
    2. Have the option to reduce text size or make it so that all of the text for a download is not allows displayed. I like when the bar is small at the bottom. When an item is downloaded with a long name, the bar expands to fit all of the download file's name. When this happens, it is kind of annoying.

    Some features of the old status bar that I would like to see (if possible):
    1. Double click opens the file directly. I read your response to another user, if you are able to figure out how to do this, it would be very useful.
    2. Hovering over a completed picture download shows a preview of the file. Most of my downloads are picture files, so I am not sure how the download status bar used to work with other files, but, with picture files, it would display a small preview of the picture above status bar. This is useful for finding the correct downloaded file when the file names are not descriptive.

    I am sure there other minor things that I can't think of right now or didn't notice, but I don't care about those right now. I am just happy that there is a working add-on that displays the downloads on the main screen. Thank you very much! You are awesome!
  • "I really need the color setting for download speed. It's really useful when i can see when there's a problem."
    I believe he is requesting the ability to define Fast, Medium and Slow download speed ranges, with each range associated with a different colour in the download bar (eg. green, orange and red). You could define Fast as > xx KB/s, Slow as < yy KB/s and Medium as in between the two (the speeds would be user configurable). Hope that helps.
  • Good, but make thinner bar please!
  • This is darn near exact what I have been looking for since upgrading to Quantum. So far my biggest critique would be that when the bar is open certain webpages that have static objects at the bottom of the screen become covered by it. Seems the bar is more of an overlay than integrated in the actual body of the browser, I dont know if this is because of the WebExtension protocol but it would be helpful to have the option to shrink to mini-mode or hide the bar to access these types of items. Thanks for your hard work and I look forward to seeing this extension evolve.
    The bar is HTML that is injected into the page so it can sometimes interfere with things there. I could probably do some sort of minimize button to temporarily hide it in cases where it is covering something.
  • Better than the few other options out there. +1 for thinner bar.
  • спасибо прога зачетная,все работает,только как можно уменьшить размер окна progress