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  • The bar is to high, covering up too much of the lower part of the site. Could you please reduce the size?
    Also it would be awesome if a double-click onto the downloaded file would open the file without having to switch to the place where it has been saved.
  • its been a good experience so far, we are still expecting old features like colors and download speeds to be add. yet its a great addon. thanks for taking the time to develop a newer version!
  • the bar is WAY to wide and covers many things on almost all the sites i use, it fully covers the chat options on facebook messenger group chat page as an example. and no way to temporarily hide the bar while a file is downloading to view the page normally because it doesn't shift anything up instead overlays on top of the page. if the bar was thinner width wise and/or doesn't overlay but instead shifts the rest of the page above kind of like the old add-on bar where it doesn't mess with the page itself then i would give it 5 star
  • Of course a real good download status bar.

    Completion Sound doesn't work on my Firefox 57.0.2 x64.

    A suggestion: please, reduce bar height.
  • @ AndrewFL

    No problem with sound on my computer.

    FF 57.0.2 x86
    Win 10 Pro x64
  • The best replacement for "Download Manager (S3)" that I've found so far, first of all I'd like to thank the developer for his/her hard work doing this for free for all of us to enjoy! :)

    It does need some polishing, so if you could consider my suggestions I would appreciate it:

    1) As many have said, the bar is too thick right now. It gets even thicker when downloading many files at once. Also, it changes size when you zoom in our out in a tab. And when you change to another tab, the bar either disappears or changes size according to the zoom level of each tab.

    Please fix this making the bar size smaller, not dependent on each tab's size, and visible in all tabs/browser.

    2) I'd also like if you could add some more info, like file icons, download speed, percentage... And that you could choose what info to show.

    3) Add an option to "retry" when a download fails.

    4) Add auto-clear option.

    5) Add option to change color. Maybe even to the Firefox theme you are using.

    6) Sometimes a download does not appear on the download bar for some reason (but it does appear on Firefox download history). Looks like a bug.
    1) There is a beta version with a smaller bar. Fixing the zoom issue is not possible until Mozilla adds a toolbar API.
    2) Download speed is in the beta, other stuff is in the tooltip but could be added to the bar in the future.
    3) Might be possible, I'll have to look at the API
    4) There is already an option to auto clear downloads after a certain amount of time.
    5) I'll probably add more themes, and customization in the future
    6) If seen this, but I haven't been able to reproduce it consistently to fix it, I'm not sure if it is a bug in the addon or Firefox.
  • --Just an update...while I really like the new beta, I had to disable it for now. While downloading and using the new beta many pages were unresponsive. I had a hard time even typing in this window. I'm going to revert back to the official version for the time being, but for quick testing purposes, I had simply disabled the new version and that solved the problem. The new beta is slick...but performance was taking a hit.

    --what I previously said...Wow. The new beta is pretty slick. Smaller progress bar and the ability to minimize the progress bar were the two I was looking forward to the most. I've now changed my review to five stars since it really does meet my needs the way I'd like to. Sure, there are some small tweaks I'd love to see, but this is going a direction that I'm very happy with.

    Sorry others don't realize the functionality of the old download status bar can't be done with the newest versions of Firefox. But what you are doing makes up for it (mostly). Thanks!
    Please create an issue on GitHub about the unresponsiveness. Add your OS, PC specs and number of tabs and downloads you had at the time you saw it.

    I haven't noticed any performance issues myself but it could just be the tabs/downloads/machine I'm testing with.
  • Can you add the following options on right click on the file when downloading files?

    Goto Download Page
    Copy Download Link

    Would it be possible to add downloads with unknown total file size to show in the download bar? Total size would simply show NA for these types

    Also another small suggestion. Is there any way to be able to make the download bar work on the right or left sides of windows vs the bottom? Obviously you would have to limit the column length but some users may prefer that integration
  • Die Bar Leiste könnte von der Höhe her ein wenig kleiner sein. Ansonsten Top!
  • Great start, thank you!
    I wish I could choose the default destination folder (or maybe I couldn't find how)
    You have to do that in the Firefox settings.
  • A good start, but I haven't decided if it's useful enough to keep. I'll agree, Download Statusbar (S3) was nearly ideal and I miss it more than any other extension I lost.

    But reviewers need to realize that the new extension API greatly limits what an extension can do. This status bar is literally having to display itself as part of the web page instead of a widget on the Firefox bar itself. I'm not sure that this is ultimately a viable approach for me.
  • Poor copy of old and vastly superior Download Statusbar.
    It has no bonus options of old one, no popup info when hovering pointer over file that downloads, if downloaded file has long name, you have to open containing folder to see it fully (not useful when downloading lots of similarly named files).
    It cover sizeable chunk of screen (compared to just enough from old one), and Divines help you if you did not click on "keep it in one row" option...

    Since sadly old one was not updated anymore, apparently creator of this one tried to cash in on users which could not go without old one.

    PS: I see dev got butthurt by being called out on his poor copy. Made my day.
    Wanna good review? Make something useful.
    The old extensions are dead and aren't coming back.

    If the tooltips or something aren't working for you create an issue on GitHub instead of acting like an entitled douchebag.

    If you don't like this extension feel free to make a better one, it seems so far I'm the only person to put any effort into creating a replacement. I made this because there was no existing replacement and I wanted one, not to "cash in", since I'm not getting paid for it anyways.
  • too big and above existing html componenets. cannot be hidden while downloading. download status bar on previous version of firefox was a lot better.
    There is a beta version for 1.7 with a smaller bar and a button that will minimize it to the corner.
  • Thank you for this — an excellent start to the development of what may become a 'must have' Add-on for the Quantum era. No need to repeat the many good suggestions below. I do observer, however, that the Option to play a music file upon completion of a download does not seem to work: would be nice if that could be fixed. Best wishes for 2018!
    Please create an issue on GitHub and if you are using a custom sound provide a link to it. Include your OS and FF version too.
  • First thanks for the time spent to reply.

    What i was thinking would be to change the color of the progress bar whith the download speed like "Dl<50ko/s RED; 50ko/s300ko/s BLUE".

    4 stars since we can't change size of the bar nor the progress bar but +1 since last time because you have added autohide for specific extension.
  • Can you reduce the height of the status bar? I think it too big to see something on th website. For example, the messages sidebar of FACEBOOK. It's better to add download rate on the status bar.
  • Nice. Even though it is not as customizable as "Download Bar" (https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addon/download-bar/) which no longer works in Firefox 57, at least it provides the features that I really need.

    The only downside is that it becomes transparent when using my favorite global dark theme from userstyles, but luckily there is another theme that adapts fairly well to its appearance.
  • Only two stars due to lack of customizability and features, this has the potential to be the standard must-have download bar for all Firefox users.

    Please heed users' comments and suggestions asap, and you'd definitely get 5 stars from most.

    Thank you.
  • good stuff!
  • People are complaining about that it's too ''large'' ..Well, it looks great to me..People are NEVER satisfied, thanks developer....
  • Firefoxが57になったときにダウンロード時に音が出なくなったことが気になっていました。このアドオンによって音が出るようになったし、バーも出て来るようになったので最高です。
  • Quote
    "Great job and a lifesaver! Not to belabor suggestions others have made, but here are my top 3 requests:

    1) Make bar thinner in a manner similar to the old Download Status Bar extension by only displaying a single line of text and using tooltips to offload supplemental info. While download is in progress show a broken file icon, download speed, time remaining, and percent complete (or have option for user to choose 3 datums to display). Notice that filename doesn't display during download. When download completes, just display the file icon + name. All other data (file size, location, etc) can be displayed in tooltip.

    2) Auto-clear (or have option to do so) when choosing Show in Explorer. Once I have gone to the file and started to work with it, I no longer need it in the status bar and having to explicitly clear it is just wasted mouse clicks.

    3) See about injecting the status bar on all tabs. I keep dozens of tabs open at any one time and cannot keep track of which downloads are where.

    Five stars if you manage to implement these!"

    till now a great Job!