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  • Looks good and more options than similar extensions.
  • Absolutely Fabulous! So close to Download Status Bar.
    btw, there is an arrow on the right side that allows you to hide it if you need to see web content.
    2 things:
    The 'Light' option is still quite dark (green).

    Completion Sound: Is there a default sound? Can't here any. When I load a .wav file, there is a red X beside it. Does that mean .wav doesn't work? If so, what file types for sound?
  • The size of the status bar increase when you increase the webpage zoom, so if you are in a website with a zoom of 150% then you end getting a big, biiiiiig status bar... too bad.

    Another bad thing is that the colors are not personalizable via the settings window, it has a light and dark theme but dark theme is horrible, its just black background and black downloads, everything black... it should be black background and green downloads at least, or make the colors personalizable.

    And of course the major problem that people already commented is that the status bar covers content of the webpage.

    Anyways this is a nice addon for those who needs something similar to the legendary Download Status Bar for Firefox legacy.
  • Worked relatively ok until this week's Firefox update. Now it doesn't work anymore.

    When you fix it, I'll change my review.

    On top of fixing it back to what it was prior to the last FF update, please make it so that the bar doesn't hide the bottom of the page (make it below the window content, not on top of the bottom of the window content).
  • totálně mi zablokoval prohlížeč
  • Minor requests:

    Many web-pages, at least the ones I use, have some information at the very bottom, some even certain function and link buttons.
    WX download status bar covers them thus making them not visible or inaccessible.

    Could WX download status bar be coded in such a way that it becomes a bottom toolbar so that in between the upper and lower tool/menu/bookmark bars a web-page is fully displayed respectively scrolled?

    This won't be possible until a toolbar API is added to Firefox, which I know is planned, but might not happen for awhile.
  • Brilliant. As much as I dislike chrome, this is one of the things that they did right. Firefox built-in toolbar icon is just not visible enough when a download starts.
  • On Download-Failure:
    Should offer to
    go to Download-Page
    Restart Downdload
  • Please add volume control to the sound of the end of the load.
  • Mandatory Feature Requests:

    - Auto Clear Firefox's Download History when download finishes because it gets full after a while
    - Dbl-Click to launch a finished download (and clear from bar) instead of opening to explorer (obv keep a context menu to allow opening in explorer)

    @rokasand ... WOW THANK YOU for the link. Didn't realize Download Manager S3 had returned. Ok well then to the author feel free to ignore what i wrote for feature requests since S3 already has them and more. I've now uninstalled your extension since it is just no where as good. Sorry
  • Solme URL show in taskbar would be appreciated as DL not as important as URL
  • Good extension to monitor how your downloads are progressing.
    I'd like a new option to automatically clear a download when I double click on it, and it is opened the parent folder.
    I should be able to add an option for that
  • can you add rename functionality in next version please. i download pdf files and they need to be renamed. adding ability to rename right from the status bar will save me hassles going to folder and rename it. thank you. -milind
    It's not possible to rename downloads
  • WX Download Status Bar is OK, but this one offers the flexibility of the old Download Status Bar: Download Manager S3 ( https: //addons.mozilla.org/en/firefox/addon/s3download-statusbar/ ).
  • The design is horrible, text in black with "forest green" background ?, We need to be able to choose what colors we want, otherwise it is acceptable. Ah!, We also need to be able to change the size of the text, it's too big and it takes up a lot of space, "Download Status Bar" triumphed for its design, minimalist and at the same time complete. I hope someday to see "WX Download Status Bar" as the best extension. Regards!
  • Needs to show up on all tabs, not only the one from where it was activated....and it's a bit too fat.
  • It's a good feature to show a downloaded file in explorer by a double-click. How is it possible to open a downloaded file straight from the status-bar by a single click?
  • It improve the download managing and control