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  • Needs to show up on all tabs, not only the one from where it was activated....and it's a bit too fat.
  • It's a good feature to show a downloaded file in explorer by a double-click. How is it possible to open a downloaded file straight from the status-bar by a single click?
  • It improve the download managing and control
  • good firefox addon
  • Its a good attempt at recreating the download status bar but the visuals don't quite feel right. Also download sounds don't trigger on downloads that happen near instantaneously.
  • Horribly clunky ui. Instead of stretching the page and appearing as a toolbar it just overlays whatever you are viewing. Ridiculously large as well.
  • Velice špatně zpracováno...
  • Currently overwrites the bottom of the screen instead of pushing it upadfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdfasdf asdf asdfsdfasdf asdfsadfasfefe fa sdf asdfsadfasdfas
    It tries to adjust the website to avoid covering anything, but it's not possible to make it work on every website.
  • Can't choose the folder to save to by default?
    The addon has no control over where things are saved, you should set a default download folder in the Firefox settings.
  • Grat replacement for the old, lamented Download Status Bar extension. One gripe only - please take me directly to the downloaded file when I click "Show In Explorer" as opposed to the directory only - lots of hunting for files going on. Otherwise looks good and performs wonderfully.
  • Bar size is tied to the page zoom settings. Since I'm usually browse internet with zoom size 130-150% or higher, this bar looks like it was made for elephants and it's constantly changing it's size upon changing current page size. Needs fixing or settings for the bar's font size.
  • A good substitute for Download Statusbar but takes up a teeny bit too much room at the bottom of the screen (any chance to reduce it just a bit or give font size options?). Only appears in the tab you downloaded it on which is unhelpful but otherwise liking it! Also this is open source = extra kudos :)
  • thanks for developing this!
  • Covers the bottom of the page. It's stupid. It should be outside the content of www.
  • It needs to "access my data for all websites"? No thanks....
  • Good replacement for Download Statusbar, thank you! I'll give you a fifth star if you can add more colors, font sizes, more options as asked by other reviewers! ;)
  • Has great potential being the only replacement for Download Status Bar I've seen but needs work.
    The interface is very basic, no way to change the size of the bar, no way to customize what info is shown on the download tabs, etc.
    Hoping the developers continue to update this great tool with more customization options.
  • Great to find another thing I missed when changing over to Quantum yesterday. :-)
    The only thing preventing me from giving it the full 5 stars is that it looks a bit big and clutzy, especially since the detail-information appear in a hover-window anyway...
    But thumbs-up for the effort so far!
  • This on the way to being the most popular download manager out there. Developer seems to be listening to input. I'm not looking to manage files I download. Firefox has never been great in this area
    . I would like to see the option to open downloads in specific applications. Not just open the files in default folder
  • Works really nice, much like Chrome's download bar.

    Finally FF Quantum is getting better - thanks to new and useful addons like this!
    Of course it could be better once Mozilla improves their web extension APIS.
  • At this moment this is the only download status bar for FF57, and it works like a charm. Thank you very much.