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  • Thank you so much for making the download bar smaller. It's just as good as Download Statusbar now. Great job.
  • Why this addon requesting access to my personal data for all sites? https://prntscr.com/hvlsf3
    I don't think it's good idea. Installation process was cancelled by me. Sorry.

    PS. There's no replies chain so just had to add.
    If you used already built-in downloads for visualisation in status bar, your addon don't need to access my data then.
    If you didn't used built-in downloads it means you used bad practice. Your addon will use more PC's resources and slow down Firefox.
    Also users don't trust addons that request access to data because data may content personal information, logins/passwords, credit cards info, etc.
    https://addons.mozilla.org/ru/firefox/addon/download-status-bar/?src=api This addon didn't request access to data and worked fine.
    You seem to not understand how web extensions work. The old download status bar addon didn't ask for any permissions because legacy addons didn't have a permission system.

    There is no way to show a status bar currently without injecting HTML into each page, which means the addon needs access to every website you visit.

    Once Mozilla adds an API that allows creating real status bars then it will not need access to all pages, but that could be months away if not longer.
  • Agradeço ao desenvolvedor pelo excelente trabalho! A versão 1.7.0 ficou muito boa, mas ainda sinto falta da opção de "Renomear" o arquivo baixado. Seria interessante também, se fosse possível, reduzir o espaço que a visualização do arquivo baixado ocupa na tela, ao posicionarmos o cursor do mouse sobre ele. Esse espaço é particularmente grande quando a URL de origem do arquivo é muito comprida. Talvez isso fosse possível suprimindo uma parte da URL e adicionando o símbolo de reticências (...), para indicar essa supressão.
  • Updated review for v1.70 (3rd Jan 2018):

    Bar size is now much better and compact, some users may have preferred the option to set the size themselves but the updated default is new good
  • Last version (1.7.0) is very nice, I wish one could change the background color or make it less intense.
    Thanks for your work, for me, this extension is indispensable.
  • Thank you for developing this, Download Status Bar was a great add-on in the old XUL/XPCOM standard that I used in old Firefox, and it's nice that we finally have a functional status bar in the new WebExtensions format.

    Here are some of the things that need to be added (some have already been mentioned here):
    -Download speed bandwidth, this was available in the old add-on
    -Reduce bar height to how it was in the old add-on, it's way too big right now
    -Polish the UI a bit more, it doesn't look like a particularly finished product
    -Possible bug, the completion sound doesn't play

    I hope to see this add-on grow and improve. Good luck on this project!

    Firefox 57.0.2 x64
  • nice addon, but i have a large screen and have to enlarge some sites to be able to read the text and then the downloadbar enlarges also and take to much space
  • It's coming closer and closer to the original, big thank you to the developer for the frequent updates, you are the only one currently working on a download bar addon!
  • good addon but the size thru the download is too big.
    If possible to add option to compact view
  • Good add-on, hopefully will be a little bit polished soon - colors, size, option to open files etc..
  • Very good start.
  • Rather good ! It should be possible to modify some settings: for ex.: color and height of the bar.
  • The addon is great and the only thing preventing me to give 5/5 is the size. Its little too big for my taste and if not for that it would be clear 5/5.
  • The font of icomoon conflicts and affects the site.
    Please change to an implementation that does not affect the font. Or, stop using it.
  • The bar is to high, covering up too much of the lower part of the site. Could you please reduce the size?
    Also it would be awesome if a double-click onto the downloaded file would open the file without having to switch to the place where it has been saved.
  • its been a good experience so far, we are still expecting old features like colors and download speeds to be add. yet its a great addon. thanks for taking the time to develop a newer version!
  • the bar is WAY to wide and covers many things on almost all the sites i use, it fully covers the chat options on facebook messenger group chat page as an example. and no way to temporarily hide the bar while a file is downloading to view the page normally because it doesn't shift anything up instead overlays on top of the page. if the bar was thinner width wise and/or doesn't overlay but instead shifts the rest of the page above kind of like the old add-on bar where it doesn't mess with the page itself then i would give it 5 star
  • Of course a real good download status bar.

    Completion Sound doesn't work on my Firefox 57.0.2 x64.

    A suggestion: please, reduce bar height.
  • @ AndrewFL

    No problem with sound on my computer.

    FF 57.0.2 x86
    Win 10 Pro x64
  • The best replacement for "Download Manager (S3)" that I've found so far, first of all I'd like to thank the developer for his/her hard work doing this for free for all of us to enjoy! :)

    It does need some polishing, so if you could consider my suggestions I would appreciate it:

    1) As many have said, the bar is too thick right now. It gets even thicker when downloading many files at once. Also, it changes size when you zoom in our out in a tab. And when you change to another tab, the bar either disappears or changes size according to the zoom level of each tab.

    Please fix this making the bar size smaller, not dependent on each tab's size, and visible in all tabs/browser.

    2) I'd also like if you could add some more info, like file icons, download speed, percentage... And that you could choose what info to show.

    3) Add an option to "retry" when a download fails.

    4) Add auto-clear option.

    5) Add option to change color. Maybe even to the Firefox theme you are using.

    6) Sometimes a download does not appear on the download bar for some reason (but it does appear on Firefox download history). Looks like a bug.
    1) There is a beta version with a smaller bar. Fixing the zoom issue is not possible until Mozilla adds a toolbar API.
    2) Download speed is in the beta, other stuff is in the tooltip but could be added to the bar in the future.
    3) Might be possible, I'll have to look at the API
    4) There is already an option to auto clear downloads after a certain amount of time.
    5) I'll probably add more themes, and customization in the future
    6) If seen this, but I haven't been able to reproduce it consistently to fix it, I'm not sure if it is a bug in the addon or Firefox.
  • --Just an update...while I really like the new beta, I had to disable it for now. While downloading and using the new beta many pages were unresponsive. I had a hard time even typing in this window. I'm going to revert back to the official version for the time being, but for quick testing purposes, I had simply disabled the new version and that solved the problem. The new beta is slick...but performance was taking a hit.

    --what I previously said...Wow. The new beta is pretty slick. Smaller progress bar and the ability to minimize the progress bar were the two I was looking forward to the most. I've now changed my review to five stars since it really does meet my needs the way I'd like to. Sure, there are some small tweaks I'd love to see, but this is going a direction that I'm very happy with.

    Sorry others don't realize the functionality of the old download status bar can't be done with the newest versions of Firefox. But what you are doing makes up for it (mostly). Thanks!
    Please create an issue on GitHub about the unresponsiveness. Add your OS, PC specs and number of tabs and downloads you had at the time you saw it.

    I haven't noticed any performance issues myself but it could just be the tabs/downloads/machine I'm testing with.