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  • Great add on, now I can see the status of my downloads
  • Good work. Needs improvement, but works well and I will be waiting for updates. Thanks!
  • Keine Anzeige während des Downloads. Es erscheinen nur die fertigen Downloads unten.

    Das Design ist sehr einfach und die Anzeige der Downloads ist mir viel zu groß.
  • Great solution for this greatly missed feature. Thank you!
  • good jobs....
  • Very nice! I most missed the feature of Download Status Bar that let me open Explorer where I had saved a file, and this replacement does just that.
  • Good one!
    Coming from Download Status Bar this is a nice starting point, finally I can see my downloads again and handle them. I thought the new WebExtentions APIs no longer allows access to downloads from a horizontal bar at the bottom of the window but it seems to be possible. I hope injecting html is allowed by Mozilla?
    It would be nice if the bar would be a bit smaller and some colours added. Also an option to delete the download.
    But this one is nice and the only alternative I found. Keep up your great work, 3 stars for now and because there is a space above up to 5 stars. It´s just 3 days old!
    EDIT: One Star up for the fast feedback and update.

    I've already started working on deleting downloads and making the bar smaller, I'll probably release them this week.

    I'm not a designer so I wouldn't expect it to be too pretty unless I can find a designer willing to do some work on it.
  • How can i change the color of the progress bar?
    There isn't a way to set a custom colour currently but there is a dark theme that you can switch to in the addon options.
  • 4 stars to ask the developer to continue his work ... before attribute him 5 *
    Not yet equivalent to the "non-we" S3.Download , but on the way to !!

    4 étoiles pour demander au développeur de continuer son travail... avant de lui attribuer 5 *
    Pas encore équivalent au "non-we" S3.download, mais c'est en bonne voie !!
  • I was looking for a replacement for the "Download status bar" I used to have, but that doesnt work with Quantum. This is the best replacement I've found so far.
    Its nothing fancy, no spiffy colours... just the way I like it. Simple and non-intrusive. Could use a few more features/options though.