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  • Please my phone is having issues with accepting this Add on each time I go on Whoer.net to confirm my anonymity I get a prompt saying my language is different whereas I have changed It on my phone is there a way you can help solve this
  • didnt use advanced features just wanted to use my windows 2012 r1 PC to use a certain website. faked out user_agent to think its windows 10. easy. works
  • this addon has helped me with many tests. thank you for this.
  • This is a good estension because it spoof others navigator values in about config. I found a bug, after choice a browser prefecence do not update the vendor value. Some browser like Google Chrome have a vendor "Google Inc." or Opera Browser have vendor "Opera Software ASA", firefox have vendor empy "". I suggest to add the spoof of vendor like others navigator values. This is one of few estension that really spoof in serious mode because there are many value to change not only useragents to spoof a browser. Take into consideration the idea to change the value of vendor because it is important and some browsers communicate it to the sites to be identified. Have a nice day.

    Update 06 December 2018.
    1) I found some incorrect value in this estension, I added the complete image of all navigator values for firefox and Google Chrome, please adapt the estension to show correct value because some site can block browser with incorrect navigator data.

    2) There are a bug, when you choice some useragent must be show oscpu null "" otherwise show original os in the machine. The user agent setted show a user agent (in my foto android) but oscpu (in google chrome is always null "") show real os (in my chase windows 7).
    ThIs is a bug important to fix because show a conflict of the os from the user agent setted and oscpu grabbed via javascript.

    I look in the estension there are a javascript file to set the navigator to show after choice an user agent, please look the 2 image added to adapt the estension to show correct values, i added image from firefox and google chrome with complete navigator list values.

    Thanks your work.
    Thank you for your feedback! I've created an issue for the mentioned problem at https://gitlab.com/ntninja/user-agent-switcher/issues/52.
  • Bloated and slow. Another addon, "User Agent Switcher and Manager", which do exactly the same, is faster and more than 20 times smaller!
    Yet it doesn't spoof the other `navigator.*` properties amiright? Over 90% of the size of this extension is a stripped down version of the Browscap User-Agent capability database that we use to infer the required extra information based on the given User-Agent-String. Not trying to convince you or anything, but I thought an explanation of why this is happening may be in order. :-)