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  • Congrats - Good work ! Got a safe spot in my most essential add-ons. Perfect to test compatibility of all sorts of pages ! Keep it maintained pls. ;)
  • no me gusto al no tener una lista de agentes antiguos pues esa es una funcion muy buena por ejemplo IE6
  • Good, i use it un the tabletas to ser the pares as un the pc
  • This one has better interface on Android. For example the width of the option tab fits the width of the phone screen. Mentioned by other reviewers, it spoofs others navigator values as well. But I did not find per-page setting on my Android.

    Alternative "User-Agent Switcher and Manager" by RayLo provides more options on Android but its interface does not fit to phone as well as this one.
  • Please my phone is having issues with accepting this Add on each time I go on Whoer.net to confirm my anonymity I get a prompt saying my language is different whereas I have changed It on my phone is there a way you can help solve this
  • didnt use advanced features just wanted to use my windows 2012 r1 PC to use a certain website. faked out user_agent to think its windows 10. easy. works