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  • The drop-down menu with user agents to choose from is such a good idea. Makes it very easy to pretend I'm Google Bot when I need to.
  • Solved my instagram problem. How do I activate dark theme tho?
    Thanks for the feedback! There never was an explicit dark theme option, instead CSS system colors were used to provide this effect. Unfortunately, Firefox disabled that feature in version 61+ so it's always been defacto hard-coded to black-on-white since then.
    Thanks to your suggestion I have already implemented a working prototype that will instead automatically adapt to the color of the currently enabled theme. I hope to publish that soon.
  • With Gramblr dead and buried, and the mobile browser simulators in my Firefox web console resulting in nothing but error messages, I needed a way to continue posting to Instagram from my Mac desktop. All I have to do now is turn the Switcher on and off -- thanks, and stay in business!
  • Excellent solution to deal with seriously buggy/bloated Yahoo email "classic mail" webpage (recent forced "upgrade" from yahoo) and also google's forced removal of lightweight sending text messages from browser (replacement is bloated, extremely slow). IN BOTH CASES - set user-agent to android/firefox browser for *.yahoo.com or voice.google.com as appropriate, and now I get a usable, lightweight presentation without yahoo's bugs/bloat and google's bloat of their desktop browser presentations. Also user-agent changer adds no perceptible load to my extremely low-resource computer, excellent!
  • Теперь работает прекрасно, спасибо за хороший аддон. Только не прекращайте его поддержку, перепробовал все, но такого функционала нет нигде.
    There was a problem with Waterfox/FirefoxESR. This has been fixed. Please write a new review if that is not what you meant.

    Возникла проблема с Waterfox/FirefoxESR. Это было исправлено. Пожалуйста, напишите новый отзыв, если это не то, что вы имели в виду.
  • The huge size of the drop-down menu.
    The huge size of the extension itself.
    Access to browser activity during navigation.

    What for?
    > The huge size of the drop-down menu.

    This was added a couple of days ago to compensate for people with high-res monitors where the popup ended up being tiny. I guess it will become another option in settings…

    UPDATE: Reverted to the previous behaviour, the new behaviour is now available as a disabled-by-default checkbox in the extension options.

    > The huge size of the extension itself.

    Since this is a recurring question I've added an FAQ entry to the extension's description. Please kindly refer to that for an answer.

    > Access to browser activity during navigation.

    Used to switch the extension's icon color and tooltip when you navigate from/to pages that have an override set. I could do without that permission but this way it is more reliable and easier to implement (note that extension will be able to see all sites you visit regardless of this permission, it's just more convenient to do it this way in this particular case).
  • This saved my life. OK, almost .... There was this obnoxious site that insisted on IE for no good reason. and my employment mandated access to that site. Was almost going to update my resume :-)

    But seriously: good stuff !!!!!
  • For some mysterious reason, the main view of the addon turns black after a few restarts of Firefox for Android. Its background as well as text. Happened repeatedly across multiple FF versions and after reinstalling the addon.
  • This is the only UA switcher among those most popular which "per domain" mode actually works per domain and not only for the current session.
  • Used to work well but Is now breaking sites. Please fix.
    Sorry for the inconvience caused by the recent changes. Version 1.3.4 should now stop the remaining breakage from occuring. If you still observe issues please send some examples of broken sites and what is wrong with them so that I may take a look. Thanks!
  • Nice addon but the newer versions are breaking sites. Using with 60esr Disqus comments won't load. Forced to revert to 1.2.18.

    Update: version 1.3.3 not fixed. Disqus comments on The Hill, Breitbart, and Twitchy will not load. When the addon is disabled or reverted to 1.2.18 they do.

    Update 2: No problem, I wouldn't comment on those visiting Daily Beast, CNN, or MSNBC either, especially as a developer :--).

    Thanks for fixing, works good again.
    While I will not comment on the content of the websites you mentioned, I've fixed several issues on these sites with 1.3.4 that at least made Twitchy & Breitbart work. The Hill I could not test as their page is deploying a security policy that prevents access to all external resources (including Disqus) and hence is broken either way.
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  • It works except it puzzles me why its size is so much bigger at 4+ MB compared to other agent addons that are only a few KB in size. I hope it is not consuming more system resources as a result. Will be great if author can slim it down some more.
    Thank you for your review! As mentioned before the 3MiB+ extra data shipped with the extension is used to generate sensible values for the other `navigator.*` browser identification values. Reading information like operating system, CPU type, device type, … from the User-Agent string is quite a hard thing to do as there are no standards at all – one just has to guess based on the COMMENT parts of the User-Agent string. Fortunately the BrowsCap project has maintained a list of matching patterns for figuring out this information since 1997 that is extremely reliable. As such, I will continue using it even if it means bloating the extension size by about 3MiB. The fact that it allows everything to just work out-of-the-box with just a single input value (the User-Agent string itself) in my opinion definitely outweighs that, by comparison small, price.
  • A wonderful multiuse tool. However, it seems that in the latest update YouTube videos won't load unless set to Default. Went back to previous version, videos load normally again.
    Sorry for the trouble! Should be fixed in v1.3.1 now!
  • Works really good, and got me old twitter back!
  • Tried it out and it does exactly what it says on the tin. Great for bypassing paywalls and “disable your ad-blocker (so we may cram 864 trackers down your gullet)” messages and so on. Thanks!