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  • Great! Could revert to the older version of Twitter instead of the crappy new one! Thx a LOT!
  • This works great! I noticed that when I switched it to chrome the preview thumbnail feature worked! I had to take off 1 star because if you switch from chrome to default it will glitch
  • Ever best UA switcher I have used.
    The panel is a bit too narrow, can't display domain when using 'domain specific'. If is good if I can customize the width by myself.
    Thanks for the review! Are you thinking about a preference in settings? Or changing the width like how you can change it on other windows when you grab their window border?
    The later would not be possible I fear, but the setting would be OK.
  • Works like a charm and is open source but it would be nice to add an option to automatically switch to a different user agent on certain websites instead of doing that manually
  • Super, wystarczy podac sie za boota google i mozna przegladac strony bez prenumeraty