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  • With site-specific options and the ability to add custom user agents, this has to be the best user agent switcher out there now
  • it doesn't work after i updated Firefox
  • Love the override feature!
  • Excellent Add-on.

    There are hundreds of these add-ons, they have one goal, same names, similar functionality, and I even found an outdated rip off of this one.

    Why choose this over the others? If you want to easily maintain your own list and you don't need an outdated list of 1000s of deprecated browsers, or a pretty interface with big flashy icons. If you want to spoof an agent and have it stick on browser restarts or spoof the agent for a specified website and have it stick or spoof random agents at an interval than this add-on is for you. I have set this up for an old lady so it's not only made for "hackers".

    Developer: The interface text size and spacing could at the users discretion be decreased so we can fit more items into view, I'm using the default list and it takes up a lot of room. The icon is ugly! It's identifiable in that I look for the ugly icon. It looks like a box with a small dot in the center, consider increasing the empashis of the 3 "heads?" or making a new icon with out the noise in the background. minimalism is the current trend for a good reason.
    Thanks for your feedback! I don't think changing font size is a good idea, but if you feel like I'm wrong, please open an issue with as many details as possible for this at https://gitlab.com/ntninja/user-agent-switcher/issues/new .
    I definitely embrace the idea of adding a more clear-cut icon (although I don't agree that the current one is „ugly“) and already updated the icon of my other extension, Smart Refer, because of this. If you could provide a visual sketch of what you have in mind that would help a lot in making this happen through.
  • Dear Alexander Schlarb, I hope you receive this message. This agent switcher is by far the best I've tested at present. It gets the information correct on the sites I've tested it on. Other add-ons will show a different agent yet reveal under system information my real system information. Your add on doesn't. There's just one thing I would really appreciate, if possible, to set custom screen resolution, is that possible? I hope this review reaches you. Thanks.
    Thank you for your feedback! Unfortunately this kind of feature request is totally ill-suited for the review section as it needs a lot more discussion and justification to be added to this extension. Please open an issue (with details and your particular use-case) at https://gitlab.com/ntninja/user-agent-switcher/issues/new so that we can discuss this properly.
  • super
  • This extension is fantastic! I didn't check all of the settings that are included with the extension but what i needed it for it did superb!

    I use Firefox for Android on my 18" Samsung Android Tablet and I get tired of having to check the little box to get the desktop version of websites. Like Google, for instance, I prefer Google's desktop version of their site over the mobile version, especially when the search results load.

    I tried to find a way to make the desktop site the default of Firefox for Android and there is an extension that does exactly that but it is incompatible with my device so i did a little thinking outside the box. I remembered there used to be a way to make a web browser, as well as the device it is installed on, appear to a web site to be different than the actual device and browser being used. If a web site detects I am using Linux as opposed to Android which is what I am really using, then it would show the desktop version of it's site since Linux is only installed on a desktop pc while Android (although a variant of Linux) is only installed on mobile devices.

    It worked! If need be I can also switch back to Android or just switch it off too! The Windows selection didn't work for me on my Android Tablet but there's other options to choose from. Thank you so much for this extension!
  • Great!
  • Just restart it ,you will find the new world!
  • Firefox 59.1 64-bit and this addon does NOT work
  • navigator.userAgent always returns Firefox, no matter what I choose
  • It works, unlike others
  • I needed it for a particular website that only wanted to support Chrome. I downloaded this, installed it, and picked the only Chrome user-agent option (Chrome 59). The site then assumed I was on Chrome, but complained it was out-of-date so I couldn't use it. I found no way to use a newer user-agent, so this add-in does me no good.
  • Perfect