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  • This add on had been great but since the upgrade it's not working the same :( still giving it 4 stars and hoping the issue get fixed ASAP!
  • Two or more windows are devided precisely on screen automatically.

    So It is stable and easy to my eyes preferably. ^^;

    It is working very well in my fox (Firefox Quantum 57.0.3. (64-bit)).
  • The previous version is far better, so sad. I realy tried, but i can't organize tabs as well like before.
  • совсем не то что старый tile tabs. вместе с treestyle tab полностью бесполезен.
  • Doesn't work well in Kubunu 16.04 LTS (most recent LTS) - windows are overlapping, not really usable.
  • I want the old side by side Tabs feature. This version is crap
  • This extension is impossible, I cant arrange tabs, the only thing this plugin does is generate new windows that mess with everything.

    Great addon. Since the latest version, it unfortunately does not allow to use shortcut! I only used F12 as a shortcut to split view. Without keyboard shortcut, I barely ever use this addon anymore. Will definitely put 5 stars as soon as the keyboard shortcut is back in the app!

    Thanks for the amazing work.
  • This is as bad as it gets...Doesn't even come close to being a helpfull tool. The old Tile Tabs where 100x times better. To bad the old one isn¨t supported in the latest firefox version.
  • I can't have two tabs side by side.
  • I'm not a fan of the multiple windows approach. That's why we have TABS!
    I may re-install when it works properly the way the old (non WE) version did, in tabs.
  • Please find a way to bring back Version 14.12 Released Aug. 15, 2017. This new Tabs WE is not nearly as awesome as the previous. Please, i rely on the version at work daily. We have a lot of worried Co Worker :(
  • Pffff, anyone can open two separate Firefox windows, there was and is no need for an add on for that. What was wrong with the old Tile Tabs, it was the most handy add on for me. Hey old Tile Tabs guys please do something. Firefox is not complete without you.
  • Okay, I understand the changes. I still give it one star. I would give a half a star if possible. This add-on sucks. Opening multiple windows is NOT a good solution for the loss of the ability to actually tile tabs.
    I give Firefox "Quantum" one-half star as well. Who gives a rip what Google and Chrome do? I use Firefox because I don't like Chrome. Mozilla; why emulate a browser you are competing with? Shame on you. Regain your honor and independent identity. Either put the silly thing back the way it was or fix the currently crummy product. When you want to open a new tab, please don't open a new separate window.
  • Es genial!!!!
  • I understand the limitations imposed by the new Firefox, and I wish others would understand what they are rating before throwing out 1 star reviews.

    I have to however rate it at 1 star. At this point I think you are doing all you can, by moving a tab into a new window. My issue is that your methodology is highly flawed for any reasonable work flow or use case. You should really simplify the operation. Just give the option to tile the first tab as horizontal or vertical. From there you can keep adding them to the screen.
    An example.
    Etc.. Or you could launch the tile by direction.
    M(Left)->1 | 1(Up)->2 | M(Up)->3 | 2(Right)->4 = Error = Slot Full
    If you can't control where the windows go or move them after launch, then just cut out all this broken stuff and branch 1 window left or right or up or down. I can all but guarantee that the most used feature is moving 1 tab side by side for a comparison. When the new API gets more mature go back and add features, but for now make it work in a logical way.

    I think the thing that does it in for me is that I say I want two tiles, and the add-on creates three. Just create 1 new window with the tab I have selected. This lets you control what 2 tabs you want because you can switch around in the main window.
  • Has the same if not less functionality as just placing individual windows beside each other. I am a person with many tabs, and it would be nice if at least one of the windows created had the majority of my tabs on it. Instead I get two tiles, each one with a single tab on it, and another window full of my other tabs behind them. If it gets fixed to be in one window I'll give it a try, until then two stars is all I can give it.
  • It is not the same as the old Tile Tabs extension. However, it's the best we have in the new Firefox Web Extensions system.

    It does the basic job of showing two tiles side-by-side, and then restoring them to one window when you are done.

    Use Ctrl-Shift-UpArrow to jump to a new tiled layout. Use Ctrl-Shift-DownArrow to close the layout and get back to one window.

    Good job to the developers for giving us back some of the functionality we lost when Firefox killed the old Tile Tabs extension.