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  • Working
    Which version of Firefox are you using?

    Which operating system are you using?

    Exactly what doesn't work? Is the tiled layout not created?
  • While the splitting-into-separate-windows issue is not ideal, I recognize that it's a limitation of the new Firefox rather than this add-on. Aside from that, this add-on is awesome. I wanted something that was close to Vivaldi's tab-tiling feature. This works great for that and I'd argue even better executed.

    Edit for the Developer: Any plan on making Tile Tabs work with the upcoming multiple tab selection feature? Like selecting specific tabs, then right clicking on one to get a "Tile Selected Tabs" option in the context menu?
  • Using Tile Tabs WE always unpins my pinned tabs. Then returning back, does not re-pin them. If I don't remember to re-pin them, I'll lose my pinned tabs and need no set them up again. Not worth the time it saved using the extension.
    This issue is fixed in Tile Tabs WE 7.2. Pinned tabs are now re-pinned when a layout is hidden or closed.
  • At first it was bad compared to the previous Tile Tabs. Now they fixed most of the problems including the one that bugged me the most, the fact that it used to put the tiles on your primary monitor, not on the browsers current monitor.
  • I know it's problem of web extensions but still give you one star.
    Please try the latest version: Tile Tabs WE 9.3
  • so sad. Previous Version was SO COOL.
    Not your fault guys - it's the mozilla's... Thanks for providing me a usefull tool for years. The one right now is just useless... I'm back, when there will be a version, similar to the old one!!!

    The 5stars are for the old version and for the future one - not for the current ;-)
  • Not a real Splitter :(
    Please try the latest version: Tile Tabs WE 9.3
  • Where is the right click menu with "tile tab right" etc? This is a pale imitation of the old "Tile Tabs".
    The 'Tile Tab' menu command, similar to that in the old Tile Tabs add-on, was implemented in Tile Tabs WE 9.0
  • there seems no other add-on to display tabs as tiles
  • I'm giving this 5 stars simply because the developer of this addon did their best to offer up the old functionality of this addon, but because of Mozilla's decision to turn Firefox into a Google Chrome copy, we're now stuck with the limitations of web extensions.

    I appreciate the developers contribution to bring this addon back, and understand they're limited to what addons can do in this horrible revision of Firefox.
  • It's not worth me using this until Mozilla provides a new WebExtensions API's that makes it possible to display multiple pages simultaneously within the same browser window.
    The reason for this is that it is clumsy to duplicate the menu bars, bookmark bars and toolbars. They become compressed at the top of each window giving a stunted interface on each instead of neat, open interface across the top. Tabs on the original window are hidden behind the windows tiled at the front.
    This extension has some nice features and they will be great once they are applied to multiple pages displayed within the same window.
  • Such a shame, had been a great add on in the past. No idea why it has suddenl;y stopped working.
  • This does not work at all.

    My setup:
    - Mac OS Sierra
    - Firefox Dev Edition
    - AddOns that may interfere: Simple Tab Groups
    - 2 Monitors (Firefox running on secondary monitor)
    - Several tabs open (but only want to use tile tabs for 2-3 tabs).

    What happens when I click on new tile tab layout:
    - Moves two random tabs to primary monitor on two new opened windows side by side
    - The windows are not tied together, so when I resize or move one, nothing happens to the other
    - I canno make this work on secondary monitor.
    - I don't want the tiles to be in new windows but rather in a new tab.
    Tile Tabs WE 7.0 (and later versions) create the tiled layout on the same monitor as the original Firefox window.

    The tlled tabs are not randomly selected, but are the currently selected tab and tabs to the right, or if there are none, tabs to the left.

    Moving a tiled window will not move the other tiled windows, but resizing the edge between two tiled windows will resize the adjacent tile window.

    The new WebExtensions API's introduced with Firefox 57 must now be used by all add-ons and do not support displaying multiple tabs in the same browser window.
  • I could rate this lower, but 1 is the worst.
    Please try the latest version: Tile Tabs WE 9.3
  • old [Tile Tabs]better
  • People are giving this a crappy review because of limitations that are outside of the author's control, so they're barking up the wrong tree.

    It's not perfect, but this is one possible workaround, and I'm glad it exists.
  • I feel bad for giving this a one star, the previous version was amazing. This one is horrible. Pretending browser tiles are "fine" (they aren't), there's no good option for deciding what tabs get moved next to each other. If you accidentally close a tile, it disappears and cannot even be pulled up via closed tabs list. I just had to remove this add-on, it just sucks so bad now.
  • This add on had been great but since the upgrade it's not working the same :( still giving it 4 stars and hoping the issue get fixed ASAP!