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  • It is moronic to split the tabs in COMPLETELY different windows. I can do that myself. It will be helpful if the tabs are spitted in ONE window half and half. 10/10 would NOT recommend this add-on.
  • Not meaning to beat a dead horse, but I loved the previous version of this addon. It was exactly what I needed, and it had been an invaluable tool. Good on the dev.
    This current version is really Tile Windows WE, and not Tile Tabs. It no longer is what it says on the tin, and my rating is to implore the developer to consider bringing the operability of the previous version to the current WE standards. It would be great to have tiled tabs again.
  • I LOVED this extension BEFORE. But, this new version completely misses the mark.

    I hope you can find a way to engineer a new one that worked like the old one.
  • The extension is basically ruined completely, it's actually harder to use it than previous one, now when you create new tab for example split to 2 you basically have 3 new firefox windows opened.
  • bring back the old version that is now listed as legacy. i want both tiles in the same window and double clicking on a tab to "fast execute' side by side with adjacent tab. you know what im talking about with how it was before. and having multiple dual tabs in one window highlighted with different colors.
  • Was in one windows two tab, but in two windows, stupidity
  • old version pls
  • There were several warnings this was not going to be the same add on as before. People leaving 1 star reviews for the workaround the Developer left us are clearly inept.
  • Plaese return to Tile View!
  • Please return the original version, this is useless ...
    TileTabs was the only reason I was still using Firefox. Now that this extension is forced to open multiple windows, I have no reason not to use Chrome.
  • old version please
  • It does the same thing as the old one, except it opens both the tabs you want to compare in new windows on top of the browser window you have open. When you are done browsing, you can click the icon and it puts the tabs back in the original location in the main browser window. I think it's great. It works perfectly too.
  • TileTabs was the only reason I was still using Firefox. Now that this extension is forced to open multiple windows, I have no reason not to use Chrome.
  • бесполезное, простой tile tabs удобнее.
  • Sorry, but the add-on does not perform what the previous one did, tiling the tabs in the fame window. It looks like an workaround to the get add-on to gfit into the new firefox add-on API.
  • Nicht die Schuld des Entwicklers. Da es wirklich am Firefoxteam liegt warum diese Features raus genommen wurden.

    Jedoch ist das Addon so wie es jetzt ist, meiner Meinung nach nutzlos da dieses Feature bereits in Windows und Linux integriet ist. Es tut mir Leid für den Entwickler, der hier vom Firefox team voll übergangen wurde.
  • 1 star because is only a sort of workaround on the fact that the previous version is obsolete for FIREFOX QUANTUM.
    It suck and if I could give 0 star or -3 I would.
    5 star to the old one.
    Tell you what ..... fuck FIREFOX QUANTUM going back to the version that use the original Tile Tabs.
  • Mozilla killed this add on. I'm considering changing browsers also. Speed doesn't mean a thing if the product does not work for us.
  • 5 stars for the previous version that I've been using everyday.
  • Not the developers fault, but it sucks that Firefox is no longer supporting the original Tile Tabs. I deinstalled the new one.
  • Thanks Firefox for killing this great app...

    The classic version was a great Firefox add-on which I used on a daily basis. Displaying different pages within the same Firefox window in the layout you wanted. Now every page contains a full Firefox window which is a waste of space!
    Even more annoying is the fact that the new windows open on your primary screen, which is not necessarily the window where you have the original Firefox session open. (If you work with multiple displays)
    This is not a developer flaw but because of the limitations of web-extensions and Firefox 57 removing the technology they used in the classic version.

    5 stars because the developers did an amazing job on the classic version. Hope you find a ingenious idea to make it perfect again