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  • This rating is more of a statement about the new Firefox than it is this add-on, however the end result must be an honest rating of the overall effectiveness and usefulness. The old Tile Tabs was truly useful, whereas this version wastes screen space and is not much more useful than Windows 10 windows snap behavior.
  • i like the old version. this is just to complicated and i don't understand why it's being split from windows instead inside the window itself. it's stupid. i don't want this extension no more.
  • WE version simply opens different windows for me instead of splitting the current window.
    Using it on MAC firefox quantum.
  • Uncertain functionality in FF 57
  • Has one major problem, that on separating the "new" tile/s they are also lost from the original set of tabs. It has a long way to go to be half as good as the original.
  • Quantumから全く別物になってしまった、新firefoxのアプリケーションの構造上の問題だからといってここまで改変されるとちょっとショック...残念
  • J'aurais mis 5 à l'ancienne version ! Tile Tabs...
    L'affichage de deux onglets contigus partageant l'écran d'un double clic me manque énormément. (l'anglais n'est pas mon fort !)
  • i understand this thing works different due to new Firefox v57, but still this is not working similar to previous version.
    i cant save a layout. when i want to create a layout on second screen i use, this addon only created a tiled view on my main screen which i dont need. long way to go before it reaches same user friendly version as the previous version
  • Sorry, but the new version is a huge regression compared to the previous one.
  • This only opens new tabs in a tiled format, not the ones currently open. I want the older version back. :(
  • Slow and clunky compared to the original version.
  • aynı pencerede sabit ve ayrı sekme görüntüsü olsa daha iyi olur
  • I loved the previous version of this extension as I can have multiple windows within a single tab. It saves window space and less actual windows open.

    But this... is not useful at all. It does not have the functionality that I need nor want. I understand that this is because of Mozilla's updates... it's still disheartening.

    I implore the developer of this extension to please find a way to create a new one that has the functionality of the previous version.

    I rate this extension as a one.
  • 没有旧版的好,工具栏菜单栏标签占了太多空间,旧版不会占用这些空间,有时想留一小时空间显示桌面或其它的应用程序,这个占全屏,使用太不方便。。。。BALABALABALA各种吐嘈。。。
  • I am so sad to see the old extension go. I hate to have the menus on every window. I am rushing to all my computers and disabling updates and Ill never update Firefox beyond 56... I can NOT have menus on every window it takes up too much space and looks like hell. So sad........ I guess I'll uninstall the extension on this box that had auto update set on.... I am one unhappy camper.. I hope that you can figure out how to get it back. Thank you for your service I really loved the old extension... and HATE the new one. not your fault though. :(
  • I didn't know the old Add-On so I can just comment on this one. I like the idea, but it still has some bugs that need improvement. As stated by someone else:
    - clicking the icon does only recreate new tabs instead of supposed ones.
    - When I save a Layout and check "Save Tabs" its doesn't save them actually. In the list it only says the name, the windows but it doesnt show amount of tabs (theres nothing saved)
    - the scroll sync doesnt seem to work reliably..
    - as ppl mentioned for the older version, having multiple tabs in the same window would be nice, but maybe not possible with new Firefox, so windows is fine with me, since I can just "show" and "hide" them anytime.
    - would also appreciate being able to save multible tabs in the Tile Windows. Maybe it's supposed to be included in the "Save Tabs" feature which unfortunately doesnt seem to work.
  • This extension does what it claims to do. Not even close to being a replacement for the old tab groups feature however. Its usefulness is extremely limited.
  • The new Firefox Quantum update made this suck :(
  • Pleeeeease the older version of tile tabs, this extension was sooo helpfull, and now it just split window , everyone can do that, RESTORE THE OLDER VERSION
    But I give 3 star because the developper did a great job on the previous version