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  • Frequently looses tabs in the middle (not the oldest nor the recent one) of list. So it`s not noticeable at firefox startup that tabs are lost if 150+ tabs are opened. What`s even worse is that tabs disappear not in a whole chunk but in few chunks in the middle. Lets say we have 150 tabs. So it`s not tabs 35-75, for example that are lost, but rather tabs 35-40, 60-70 and 90-100 will be gone. So this is not noticeable at first glance. Review is from 1 september 2019 version, as i have changed my previous review as i wanted to support the author and expected better resiliency.
  • I've only used this for a few weeks but I feel like this add-on has changed the way I browse already. It's wonderful to save sessions for different purposes, like one session of looking at Emulation websites, one session for seeing sites about a certain game/show or another session for my work/email. No longer do I have to keep one of each around to switch to a different kind of browsing and have the associated memory usage. I can open my browser to a single new tab and use session manager to find the session I want to use. I give it 4 instead of 5 due to a IndexDB issue which thankfully solved itself upon browser reboot, it hasn't popped up again but it does pose a reliability issue for the add-on.

    Highly recommended, should be a feature for stock browsers in the future IMO.
  • 「素晴らしい、感謝しきれない。」
  • As one of the early adopters, I have been using this add-on from the time Quantum disabled "Sessions Manager". Over a year, this add-on has come close to the functionality of the "sessions manager" add-on by Michael Kraft. I must commend the dev, sienori on his relentless efforts through regular updates in helping the Firefox community. Kudos to the work! The only grouse I have though is that sometimes, I get the IndexDB erroe which surprisingly, automatically resolves itself in a few days. Can't blame for it. Have a good one dev! Cheers.
  • Frequent updates & nice, clean interface. Haven't had any problems.
  • Makes functions more accessible!
  • сделайте возможность, чтобы в пользовательские сессии можно было добавлять отдельные вкладки
    make it possible to add individual tabs to existing user sessions
  • Hi, this Addon is very useful, but can you please fix the display of the "favicon"? if my session is restored, all tab-icons are missing. They'll refresh when i click on tab, but i want them always. Thank you!!